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Developers Guide updates
Added info about debugging under Visual Studio. Updated buildbot info. Change-Id: I9a6a0a2b14e3616a35f652c99b04ee23ea642ba5 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/16307 Petri-Dish: Graham Bloice <graham.bloice@trihedral.com> Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot <buildbot-no-reply@wireshark.org> Reviewed-by: Graham Bloice <graham.bloice@trihedral.com>
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@@ -302,14 +302,10 @@ The Buildbot runs on a platform collection that represents the different
* Windows 8.1 x86 (Win32, little endian, Visual Studio 2013)
-* Windows 7 x86-64 (Win64, little endian, Visual Studio 2013)
+* Windows Server 2012 R2 x86-64 (Win64, little endian, Visual Studio 2013)
* Ubuntu x86-64 (Linux, little endian, gcc, Clang)
-* Solaris SPARC (Solaris, big endian, gcc)
-* OS X x86 (BSD, little endian, Clang)
* OS X x86-64 (BSD, little endian, Clang)
and two buildslaves that run static code analysis to help spot coding issues:
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@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ tools are available in different "flavours":
* UNIX (or Windows Cygwin): the tools should be commonly available on the
supported UNIX platforms, and for Windows platforms by using the Cygwin UNIX
* Windows native: some tools are available as native Windows tools, no special
emulation is required. Many of these tools can be installed (and updated)
using http://chocolatey.org[Chocolatey], a Windows package manager similar
@@ -585,8 +584,35 @@ otherwise the debugger will simply fail or you will only see a lot of garbage.
===== Visual Studio integrated debugger
You can use the integrated debugger of Visual Studio if your toolchain includes
-it. Open the solution in your build directory and build and debug as normal with a
-Visual Studio solution.
+it. Open the solution in your build directory and build and debug as normal
+with a Visual Studio solution.
+To set the correct paths for Visual Studio when running Wireshark under the
+debugger, add the build output directory to the path before opening Visual
+Studio from the same command prompt, e.g.
+C:\Development\wsbuild32>set PATH="%PATH%;C:\Development\wsbuild32\run\RelwithDebInfo"
+for PowerShell use
+PS C:\Development\wsbuild32>$env:PATH += ";$(Convert-Path run\RelWithDebInfo)"
+PS C:\Development\wsbuild32>wireshark.sln
+When Visual Studio has finished loading the solution, set the executable to
+be run in the debugger, e.g. Executables\Wireshark, by right clicking it in
+the Solution Explorer window and selecting "Set as StartUp Project". Also
+set the Solution Configuration (usually RelWithDebInfo) from the droplist on
+the toolbar.
+NOTE: Currently Visual Studio regards a command line build as incomplete, so
+will report that some items need to be built when starting the debugger. These
+can either be rebuilt or ignored as you wish.
The normal build is an optimised release version so debugging can be a bit
difficult as variables are optimised out into registers and the execution
@@ -621,7 +647,7 @@ press F5.
If you require a non-optimised version, then build using a debug configuration, e.g.
`msbuild /m /p:Configuration=Debug Wireshark.sln`. The build products will be found
-in C:\Development\wsbuild32\run\RelWithDebInfo\.
+in C:\Development\wsbuild32\run\Debug\.