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2013-11-16add datasheet of SPI flash component mounted on recent boardsv1.3Harald Welte1-0/+0
At some point during v1.2p production, we switched from the S25FL016 to the S25FL032P SPI flash model. v1.3 all have that flash (so far).
2013-11-11simtrace 1.3: move point of origin to lower left corner of PCBHarald Welte3-5608/+5608
2013-10-28mergeKevin Redon1-0/+0
2013-10-28BOM corrected (sorted by value) and reformatedKevin Redon4-90/+56
2013-10-27re-add BOM spreadsheet with updated v1.3 componentsHarald Welte1-0/+0
2013-10-27MCU pin 48 used to identify v1.3 by putting it to ground (with internal pull-up)Kevin Redon28-190009/+89694
2013-10-27exported fabrication filesKevin Redon40-182715/+148043
2013-10-27new components placed and routedKevin Redon1-1679/+1643
2013-10-27MBR0530 pin numbers correctedKevin Redon6-228/+251
2013-10-27new KiCAD layout format, silkscreen refdes 0.5mm, text 0.75mm, new ↵Kevin Redon1-0/+10632
components loaded
2013-10-27set footprints to symbolsKevin Redon1-17/+45
2013-10-27exported v1.3 netlistKevin Redon1-1005/+1135
2013-10-27v1.3 modifications: replaced IC switch with FPF2109, added schottky and ↵Kevin Redon1-166/+390
pull-down resistors
2013-10-27added FPF210X symbol to libraryKevin Redon3-3/+62
2012-05-19Mark IC5 as "do not place" (VCC_Forward) as it doesn't work anywayv1.2_productionHarald Welte1-0/+0
If the LDO is switched off, then even if we try to forward power from the phone to the SIM, the current will sink inside the LDO (no reverse current protection).
2012-05-18RST_PHONE pulldown added on PCBKevin Redon30-6505/+7639
2012-05-17Add R23 (pull-up for !SIM_RST signal)Harald Welte1-47/+58
While the SAM7 has an internal pull-up, this is of no use if the bus switch input is left open and collects noise resulting in bogus nRST interrupts.
2012-05-16v1.2p fabrication exportedKevin Redon32-141627/+88041
2012-05-16C14 change to 4.7uF 0805, silkscreen improved, more space for JTAGKevin Redon4-1912/+1334
2012-05-15DRC rules violations correctedKevin Redon1-657/+517
2012-05-15SIMtrace: Improve PCB routing of GND, 3V3 and VCC tracesHarald Welte1-4148/+5879
We have to make sure the impedance of the supply lanes is not too high. Particularly bad was passing GND in 0.2mm under several resistors before even reaching the LDO from the USB socket. This attempts to address the major issues. Also, the input capacitor is moved closer to the LDO once again
2011-12-06hw: fabrication output generatedv1.1_productionKevin Redon3-188/+187
2011-11-05hw: sysmocom added to copper, gerber renderedKevin Redon20-1900/+4487
2011-11-05hw: solder mask between at91sam7s addedKevin Redon22-34585/+44230
2011-11-05VPP connected through bus switchKevin Redon3-5287/+1915
2011-11-03+1.8V line enlarged on C12, C15, C16. not possible on C19Kevin Redon1-225/+184
2011-11-03footprint refreched, cap near LDOKevin Redon5-2112/+2151
2011-11-01ftdi 3.3v cut in schemaKevin Redon1-17/+4
2011-07-02v1.0p corrected and rendered. BOM updatedv1.0_productionKevin Redon26-13810/+9811
2011-07-02D2 and D3 now also use STPS340U instead of 1N5819Kevin Redon6-611/+522
2011-07-02BOM updated for productionKevin Redon2-37/+37
2011-07-02PS/gerber rendered for productionKevin Redon25-18555/+19764
2011-07-02board adapted to new footprintsKevin Redon1-1262/+1652
2011-07-02new footprints select for production in netlist (LED is 0805, schottky is ↵Kevin Redon5-1187/+807
SMB_STPS340U, flash is SO008_wide
2011-07-02footprints for flash S25FL016A and schottky STPS340U createdKevin Redon1-0/+104
2011-07-02flash memory S25FL016A replaces SST25VF040B for production. datasheet addedKevin Redon1-0/+0
2011-07-02schottky STPS340U replaces MBR0530T1 for production. datasheet addedKevin Redon1-0/+0
2011-06-23BOM updatedKevin Redon5-586/+894
2011-06-23PCB PS drawings were in the wrong folderKevin Redon14-164700/+3695
2011-06-23Merge branch 'master' of git.osmocom.org:simtraceKevin Redon2-0/+40361
2011-06-23ps/gerber rerendered for the thermal footprintsKevin Redon21-99/+170393
2011-06-23thermal pads were missing on the bottom layer on the PCB in kicadKevin Redon1-128/+658
2011-06-23backup module file removedKevin Redon1-182/+0
2011-06-23simcable footprints added and linked to schema in the netlistKevin Redon5-81/+245
2011-06-21add 'release' of gerber and schematics for v1.0Harald Welte2-0/+40361
2011-06-21v1.0 released. board version added, output (schema,gerber) renderedKevin Redon23-83663/+200248
2011-06-21wrong USB connector from digikey in BOM chosen. corrected : hirose ↵Kevin Redon1-0/+0
UX60-MB-5ST / digikey H2959CT-ND
2011-06-21rebelSIM PCB SIM card for FFC (flat flexible cable) schema created. we could ↵Kevin Redon7-10/+471
produce our own
2011-06-21antenna logo to put on the PCB, but it's not used because there is an ↵Kevin Redon3-0/+51
unknown cleareance issue when filling the area : the picture is partially masked
2011-06-21output renderedKevin Redon29-125067/+80976