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l1ctl_proto.h: extend ccch_mode enum with CBCH
According to GSM TS 05.02, there are two ways to enable CBCH: a) replace sub-slot number 2 of CCCH+SDCCH/4 (comb. V), b) replace sub-slot number 2 of SDCCH/8 (comb. VII). Unlike SDCCH/8 (case b), CCCH+SDCCH/4 can be allocated on TS0 only, and shall not use frequency hopping. This means that implementing CBCH support on SDCCH/8 would require much more efforts than on combined CCCH+SDCCH/4, as in last case CBCH messages can be received without the need to switch from idle to dedicated mode. This change introduces a new ccch_mode item, which should be used by the higher layers to indicate presence of CBCH channel on C0/TS0, so the PHY would enable decoding of CBCH messages on CCCH+SDCCH/4 (case a) in idle mode. Regarding to CBCH on SDCCH/8 (case b), it makes sense to extend the 'l1ctl_dm_est_req', so it would be handled in dedicated mode on request from the higher layers. Change-Id: Ia94ebf22a2ec439dfe1f31d703b832ae57b48ef2
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diff --git a/include/l1ctl_proto.h b/include/l1ctl_proto.h
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--- a/include/l1ctl_proto.h
+++ b/include/l1ctl_proto.h
@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ enum ccch_mode {
enum neigh_mode {