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VIRT-PHY: Initial commit of virt-phy to work with osmo-bts virt-phy.
This patch implements a virtual physical layer replacing the air interface. The purpose is to get rid of the hardware requirements and be able to start testing and implementing layer 2 communication functionality on one machine. Multicast sockets are used to enable bidirectional communication between the BTS and the MS process. The GSMTAP protocol designed for wireshark capturing is used to encapsulate the payload on the virtual physical layer. The virtual physical layer on the osmocom-bb side implements the L1CTL interface to the layer23 apps like mobile. * Working mcast socket communication and extraction of its functionality. * Basic handlers for file descriptor callbacks from incoming L1CTL messages and extraction of that functionality to a l1ctl socket class. * Multiplexing to different routines depending on incoming L1CTL message type. * Uses virt_um and osmocom_mcast_sock implementation from osmo-bts virt-phy. * Ecapsulation and parsing methods to and from GSMTAP messages. * Basic handlers for file descriptor callbacks from incoming mcast messages on the virtual um. * Multiplexing to different channel routines based on GSMTAP header channel type. * Example configuration for l23 app mobile using virtual test sim. Change-Id: I203c8ec58326e52a09603a37232fce7ae3641415
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