Software installation

To run this software, you need a Linux PC with development environment (gcc compiler). At least one Alsa sound interfaces is required. Two sound interfaces are required to talk and listen trough the base station using a headset with microphone.

As you got the source code from GIT repository, run 'autoreconf -if' inside GIT repository's directory first:

# cd osmocom-analog
# autoreconf -if

Then compile:

# ./configure
# make

At your option:

# make install

Now you are ready for a quick test:

# src/bnetz/bnetz -k 1 -l 2
bnetz.c:268 info   : Entering IDLE state, sending 'Gruppenfreisignal' 2 on channel 1.
Base station ready, please tune transmitter to 153.010 MHz and receiver to 148.410 MHz.
To call phone, switch transmitter using pilot tone to 153.370 MHz

Do you hear the whistling sound on your speaker/headset? Now you can continue with the radio setup.

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