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C-Netz: Allow SDR using C-Netz without calibration options
Crystals on SDRs are accurate enough for C-Netz (< 1ppm).
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<font color="red">Importaint: We need calibrate the signal processing clock!</font>
+You can skip this parts, if you use SDR, because they have more accurate crystals than sound cards.
First of all we need a reference clock.
Since most computers have standard crystal clocks, we cannot use our system clock without any help.
I decided to use the help of the NTP daemon.
-After running my system for several days (5 days), the clock speed was accurate enough for a base station.
+After running my system for one up to 5 days, the clock speed was accurate enough for a base station.
Be sure to choose a place for your PC with constant temperature.
A room inside a building is sufficient.