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NMT-900 System implementation
NMT can now be run as 450 or 900 Network.
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@@ -541,22 +541,21 @@ Setup of a base station
Before running the base station, you need to select a network.
+The network is defined by the system (NMT-450 or NMT-900) and the Traffic Area (TA).
+The NMT-450 is default.
To make the phone access the network, it needs to have the same network selected.
Check out what networks are available:
-# nmt -Y list
-TA Short Country (Provider)
-5 DK Denmark (Tele Danmark Mobile)
-6 SE Sweden (Telia Mobitel)
-7 NO Norway (Telenor Mobil)
-8 FI Finland (Telecom Finland)
-8 IS Iceland (Post &amp; Telecom)
-5 FO Faroe Island (Faroese Telecom)
-7 EE Estonia (Eesti Mobiiltelefon)
+# nmt -N 450 -Y list
+TA from TA to YY Code Channels Short Country (Provider)
+DK,1 DK,9 51..59 1-399 Denmark (Tele Danmark Mobile)
+SE,1 SE,9 61..69 1-399 Sweden (Telia Mobitel)
+NO,1 NO,9 71..79 1-399 Norway (Telenor Mobil)
+FI,1 FI,9 81..89 1-399 Finland (Telecom Finland)