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masterModem emulator for "Datenklo" with AM7910/AM7911 emulationAndreas Eversberg12 days
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12 daysModem emulator for "Datenklo" with AM7910/AM7911 emulationHEADmasterAndreas Eversberg17-2/+4315
12 daysminor code cleanupAndreas Eversberg3-7/+4
12 daysDescribe if audio device exists, but does not support both directionsAndreas Eversberg2-9/+14
12 daysNew color for options debuggingAndreas Eversberg1-1/+1
12 daysBugfix: Correct handling of n in strncat()Andreas Eversberg2-3/+3
12 daysFSK demodulator: Also report bits that have duration < 0.5Andreas Eversberg2-0/+14
12 daysAdd filter switch to FSK modulatorAndreas Eversberg6-9/+32
12 daysSplit FSK modem code into separate modulator and demodulatorAndreas Eversberg9-137/+213
12 daysC-Netz: Added list of base station names and IDsAndreas Eversberg11-144/+1148
12 daysC-Netz: Show if emergency call is madeAndreas Eversberg1-1/+4