path: root/MobileL3_v13.4.0_CNL113832_LATEST
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2017-11-19Remove BSSAPP, BSSGP, BSSMAP, GTP, GTPv2, ISUP, LLC, MobileL3, NS, SNDCPHarald Welte18-10128/+0
All of those now have separate upstream repositories on git:// and we don't need to keep a copy around
2017-08-26sysinfo: Fix the TC_telnet test case VTY command orderHarald Welte2-4/+4
2017-07-24Import BSSAP+, BSSGP, BSSMAP, GTP, GTPv2, LLC and MobileL3Harald Welte18-0/+10128
this has been kindly provided by Ericsson and will soon (September-ish) be released officially as FOSS on the git server.