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fix f_enc_IMEI_L3() oddevenIndicator
f_gen_imei() calls f_enc_IMEI_L3() with a 14 digits argument, but the IMEI_L3 template used is hardcoded to 15 digits. So the oddevenIndicator must always indicate odd, not depend on the digits argument. f_gen_imei() should probably also compose a Luhn checksum, leaving that to another patch. Found by using the new osmo_mobile_identity API in osmo-msc, which is stricter about odd/even and filler digits than our previous implementations. See osmo-msc Idfc8e576e10756aeaacf5569f6178068313eb7ea . Change-Id: Iaa9ba1214c4c15fd9620e68fe2e842fdf52912c0
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