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BSC_Tests: Change test-expectation of TC_paging_resp_unsol
The testcase TC_paging_resp_unsol expects the BSC to close the channel when an unsolicit paging response is received. This expectation is due to the fact that osmo-bsc supports multiple MSC, which is not specified in 3gpp specs. Therefore the BSC needs to know which MSC is in charge. However, with MT-CSFB calls it is a normal situation that the BSC receives a paging response on abis without sending a paging first since the MSC has paged the UE via the SGs interface. In those cases we expect the BSC to forward the paging response to the first configured MSC. Related: SYS#4624 Change-Id: I5562cbf61a2aa42e6950860bc0f9c6c20c61a9fe
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