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authorNeels Hofmeyr <>2018-04-03 19:12:36 +0200
committerNeels Hofmeyr <>2018-04-03 19:30:55 +0200
commit6a84b23f25b9fb06facc1317d3ef9612866d74bd (patch)
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parentb1726c90dc7341c0132f5f4ab28f378c802425fc (diff)
bts: enable CTRL interface tests
Start and stop the CTRL interface and provide CTRL bind interface config modulepars. Possibly everyones' local setups may need modification to allow the ttcn3-bts-tests to reach osmo-bts-trx's CTRL port. WARNING: This commit has to be merged "at the same time" as I1ec86b157ebd46bf622a0ca51eba225f15c99fbb or the jenkins ttcn3-bts-tests will fail. a) if we want to set a modulepar mp_ctrl_ip here, it needs to be added to osmo-ttcn3-hacks. b) if we have the f_ipa_ctrl_start() in osmo-ttcn3-hacks, we need to configure the proper IP and bind interface here, or all tests will fail because f_ipa_ctrl_start() cannot connect. Change-Id: I502b4891e6720ae2fb251c03542f707880a6f728
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diff --git a/bts/BTS_Tests.ttcn b/bts/BTS_Tests.ttcn
index b68e99b..4a4ced5 100644
--- a/bts/BTS_Tests.ttcn
+++ b/bts/BTS_Tests.ttcn
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ import from L1CTL_PortType all;
import from L1CTL_Types all;
import from LAPDm_Types all;
import from Osmocom_CTRL_Adapter all;
+import from Osmocom_CTRL_Functions all;
import from RSL_Types all;
import from IPA_Types all;
@@ -50,6 +51,8 @@ modulepar {
charstring mp_pcu_socket := PCU_SOCK_DEFAULT;
integer mp_tolerance_rxqual := 1;
integer mp_tolerance_rxlev := 3;
+ charstring mp_ctrl_ip := "";
+ integer mp_ctrl_port := 4238;
type record of RslChannelNr ChannelNrs;
@@ -285,6 +288,7 @@ function f_init(charstring id := "BTS-Test") runs on test_CT {
RSL_CCHAN.receive(ASP_IPA_Event:{up_down := ASP_IPA_EVENT_UP});
f_sleep(0.5); /* workaround for OS#3000 */
+ f_ipa_ctrl_start(mp_ctrl_ip, mp_ctrl_port);
/* Send SI3 to the BTS, it is needed for various computations */
f_rsl_bcch_fill(RSL_SYSTEM_INFO_3, ts_SI3_default);
@@ -306,6 +310,7 @@ function f_shutdown() runs on test_CT {
/* shut down all "externally interfaced" components first to avoid unclean shutdown */
+ f_ipa_ctrl_stop();
/* Attach L1CTL to master test_CT (classic tests, non-handler mode) */