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add mnb/mt files for mv-uart and mpcie-breakout
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+C1 _0805 40.89mm 34.80mm 39.88mm 34.80mm 41.91mm 34.80mm T 180.00 10u
+C2 _0805 33.53mm 13.21mm 33.53mm 12.19mm 33.53mm 14.22mm T 90.00 10u
+C3 UD-8X10_NICHICON 42.42mm 41.40mm 42.42mm 38.28mm 42.42mm 44.53mm T 270.00 470u
+C4 SMC_E 35.05mm 39.37mm 35.05mm 36.22mm 35.05mm 42.52mm T 90.00 DNP
+C5 _0402 6.35mm 33.02mm 5.84mm 33.02mm 6.86mm 33.02mm T 180.00 33p
+C6 _0402 6.35mm 30.48mm 5.84mm 30.48mm 6.86mm 30.48mm T 180.00 33p
+C7 _0402 24.89mm 34.54mm 24.89mm 34.04mm 24.89mm 35.05mm T 90.00 33p
+C8 _0603 6.60mm 27.94mm 5.84mm 27.94mm 7.37mm 27.94mm T 0.00 100n
+C9 _0603 48.26mm 60.20mm 48.26mm 59.44mm 48.26mm 60.96mm T 90.00 100n
+C10 1206 16.51mm 40.39mm 15.11mm 40.39mm 17.91mm 40.39mm T 180.00 100u
+C11 1206 27.69mm 37.85mm 27.69mm 36.45mm 27.69mm 39.25mm T 90.00 100u
+C105 1206 16.51mm 42.67mm 15.11mm 42.67mm 17.91mm 42.67mm T 180.00 100u
+C106 _0603 16.51mm 44.45mm 15.75mm 44.45mm 17.27mm 44.45mm T 180.00 100n
+C107 _0402 16.51mm 46.99mm 16.00mm 46.99mm 17.02mm 46.99mm T 0.00 33p
+C108 _0603 16.51mm 45.72mm 15.75mm 45.72mm 17.27mm 45.72mm T 0.00 10p
+C109 1206 27.43mm 43.18mm 26.03mm 43.18mm 28.83mm 43.18mm T 180.00 100u
+C110 _0603 27.43mm 44.96mm 26.67mm 44.96mm 28.19mm 44.96mm T 180.00 100n
+C111 _0402 27.43mm 47.50mm 26.92mm 47.50mm 27.94mm 47.50mm T 0.00 33p
+C112 _0603 27.43mm 46.23mm 26.67mm 46.23mm 28.19mm 46.23mm T 0.00 10p
+K1 694108106102 41.91mm 8.08mm 36.41mm 5.00mm 47.41mm 11.15mm T 90.00 694108106102
+LED1 CHIP-LED0603 34.54mm 68.07mm 34.54mm 67.32mm 34.54mm 68.82mm T 180.00 YELLOW
+LED2 CHIP-LED0603 36.07mm 68.07mm 36.07mm 67.32mm 36.07mm 68.82mm T 180.00 GREEN
+R1 _0603 7.62mm 46.99mm 7.62mm 46.23mm 7.62mm 47.75mm T 270.00 47
+R2 _0603 8.89mm 46.99mm 8.89mm 46.23mm 8.89mm 47.75mm T 270.00 47
+R3 _0603 10.16mm 46.99mm 10.16mm 46.23mm 10.16mm 47.75mm T 270.00 47
+R4 _0603 46.99mm 60.20mm 46.99mm 59.44mm 46.99mm 60.96mm T 90.00 1M
+R5 _0603 36.07mm 64.77mm 36.07mm 64.01mm 36.07mm 65.53mm T 90.00 330
+R6 _0603 34.80mm 64.77mm 34.80mm 64.01mm 34.80mm 65.53mm T 270.00 330
+U1 TSOP-6 43.21mm 59.44mm 42.05mm 58.49mm 44.36mm 60.39mm T 270.00 IP4234CZ6
+U2 ST_D2PAK 39.37mm 26.45mm 36.83mm 21.32mm 41.91mm 31.59mm T 90.00 LD1085D2T33R
+X1 MM60-52 16.31mm 30.08mm 1.66mm 1.46mm 30.96mm 58.71mm T 180.00 MPCIE-JAE
+X2 UX60-MB-5ST 43.43mm 65.80mm 39.23mm 63.03mm 47.63mm 68.58mm T 270.00 MINI-USB-SHIELD-UX60-MB-5ST
diff --git a/mpcie-breakout/mpcie-breakout.mnt b/mpcie-breakout/mpcie-breakout.mnt
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@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+SIM1 SF7W008S1A-RESTR 14.99mm 32.15mm 2.14mm 27.85mm 27.84mm 36.45mm T 180.00 SF7W008S1A-R