BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
laforge/ngff-breakoutngff: finishing workMartin Schramm2 years
masterAdd component carrier module mechanics for Ettus USRP B2xxHarald Welte4 weeks
ngff-v3commit 06b095957c...Martin Schramm10 months
gtm900-v1commit 86a2c70a67...Harald Welte20 months
ngff-v2commit 4fdc3b8522...Martin Schramm2 years
ngff-v1commit 63389c1b99...Martin Schramm2 years
ohm4_ocxo_v3commit 8908096c70...Harald Welte3 years
ohm4_ocxo_v2commit 3c74775c93...Harald Welte3 years
clock_gen-v2commit cf044860d4...Harald Welte3 years
sfp-v1commit ad2df019cb...Harald Welte3 years
mpcie_breakout-v2commit 50c018de16...Harald Welte5 years
mv_uart-v1commit 50c018de16...Harald Welte5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-09-25ngff: add eBOMngff-v1Martin Schramm1-0/+757
2019-09-25ngff: add / refresh most ext'd attribs for eBOMMartin Schramm2-211/+244
2019-09-24ngff: silk screen cosmeticsMartin Schramm1-8/+8
2019-09-24ngff: re-introduce and re-position OSHW logo and bott silk screenMartin Schramm2-435/+667
2019-09-24ngff: repair one critical via for ERC passingMartin Schramm1-1/+0
2019-09-24ngff: 2/2 make room for 2x5 header and route SIM2 signals thereMartin Schramm2-915/+1507
2019-09-20ngff: make room for 2x5 header and route SIM2 signals thereMartin Schramm2-502/+979
2019-09-19ngff: remove bogus packages names with '@1' by re-importing std libMartin Schramm2-199/+118
2019-09-19ngff: move PCIe header 3mm inwards (solves OS#4210)Martin Schramm2-844/+1121
2019-09-17ngff: set R9 to 100k (solves OS#4209)Martin Schramm2-266/+263