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+Provide a semi-stable remote PBX system.
+There is no preferred PBX but YaTE is pretty small and still
+functional enough. Anyway Rhizomatica is using FreeSWITCH so
+let's use that for testing.
+This is creating a docker image with a SIP configuration that
+will allow to record audio, have a DTMF menu using some fixed
+numbers. Feel free to extend it to support bidirectional calls
+and routing.
+It is using the Debian packages and installs everything as I
+am not interested to track dependencies and see what is missing.
+Again feel free to optimize the size.
+ make
+ or
+ docker build -t yourimagename:tag .
+ docker run yourimagename:tag
+SIP is exposed on 5060 of your port and audio on 6000-6020