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Logging: Log mncc_names in mncc_data()
Links libosmocore (libosmogsm) for access to osmo_mncc_name() Remove reference to get_mncc_name() in src/mncc_protocol.h Uses osmo_mncc_name() to output to debug log which MNCC_* message was received. Change-Id: I161d1b841ac5fe1b7e092b329ae0674cb340f5ac
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diff --git a/src/mncc_protocol.h b/src/mncc_protocol.h
index 49f0c8b..4950a77 100644
--- a/src/mncc_protocol.h
+++ b/src/mncc_protocol.h
@@ -196,7 +196,6 @@ struct gsm_mncc_bridge {
uint32_t callref[2];
-const char *get_mncc_name(int value);
void mncc_set_cause(struct gsm_mncc *data, int loc, int val);
void cc_tx_to_mncc(struct gsm_network *net, struct msgb *msg);