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authorAlexander Couzens <lynxis@fe80.eu>2017-02-03 22:16:05 +0100
committerPau Espin Pedrol <pespin@sysmocom.de>2019-08-20 17:48:47 +0200
commit39cbecd273b16d72dd7b4aa8b307e5d4bc643474 (patch)
treec9329192f33f3833f73d2664d909ad5c1750565b /src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c
parent5ed3f67f96ce29a1afcd9db89b45752c1d69ac8c (diff)
gprs/gprs_gmm: implement T3314. Timeout to reset MM state READY->STANDBY
When a MS MM state is READY its exact location is known (PCU). On Gb, T3314 (aka TS 23.060 "READY timer") sets the MM state from READY to STANDBY, where only the RA is known. Introduce a second set of timer variables, because state timer can run while another packet state timer is timing out. Related: OS#1941 Change-Id: I4ce23ebe50d141076c20c9c56990b7103cd25e55
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diff --git a/src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c b/src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c
index eb04846e..9f02d542 100644
--- a/src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c
+++ b/src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c
@@ -341,6 +341,11 @@ void sgsn_mm_ctx_cleanup_free(struct sgsn_mm_ctx *mm)
+ if (osmo_timer_pending(&mm->gb.state_timer)) {
+ LOGMMCTXP(LOGL_INFO, mm, "Cancelling MM state timer %u\n", mm->gb.state_T);
+ osmo_timer_del(&mm->gb.state_timer);
+ }
memset(&sig_data, 0, sizeof(sig_data));
sig_data.mm = mm;
osmo_signal_dispatch(SS_SGSN, S_SGSN_MM_FREE, &sig_data);