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rsl: Fix dropping of LAPDm UA message.
In some cases, when successive mobile originated calls are made, the LAPDm UA message gets lost because the channel is relased to early. Too overcome the problem we do not send release indications immediately. Instead a flag will be set and the message stored and sent on the next TCH-RTS-IND. This commit adds the required flag and the msg-buffer to struct gsm_lchan. See also coresponding change in osmo-bts.git: Change-Id Ie4f70c75f0137b4bd72d579b3a32575bac2fca38 This patch is is a slightly improved/reformatted version of: https://gitlab.com/nrw_noa/osmo-bts/commit/95d1f15ad108c1c1869c1965144acd64c1395d8c Change-Id: I15fc1ef8e9e83f009bde96de9a8e95702cffbce6
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