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gb_proxy: Add ctrl interface and nsvc-state, gbproxy-state commands
This patch adds a control interface to osmo-gbproxy as well as the first two commands to query the state of each NSVC and gbproxy peer. The "nsvc-state" command replies with nsei, nsvci, local state, role, remote state of all NSVCs. The "gbproxy-state" command replies with nsei, bvci, mcc, mnc, lac, rac, and state of each peer. Entries are separated by a newline '\n' character. If there are no entries an empty list is returned. This behaviour is similar to that of the subscriber-list-active-v1 command in osmo-sgsn. $ ./osmo_ctrl.py -d -p 4263 -g nsvc-state Got message: b'GET_REPLY 23 nsvc-state 101,101,DEAD,BLOCKED,SGSN,DEAD,UNBLOCKED\n' $ ./osmo_ctrl.py -d -p 4263 -g gbproxy-state Got message: b'GET_REPLY 4871085901306801158 gbproxy-state ' Change-Id: I82c74fd0bfcb9ba4ec3619d9fdaa0cae201b3177 Ticket: OS#3281, SYS#4235 Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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