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2016-02-29fix build: move local include dir before sys installed oneNeels Hofmeyr5-5/+5
2016-02-29hnb-test: make hnb-gw address configurableNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+8
2016-02-29hnb-test: add messages leading to Location Update AcceptNeels Hofmeyr1-8/+81
2016-02-29hnb-test: replace some hex vals with GSM48_* constantsNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+4
2016-02-29hnb-test-ranap.c: fix missing returnNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2016-02-29hnb-test fix id respNeels Hofmeyr1-5/+1
2016-02-29hnb-test: attempt to reply to an MM Identity RequestNeels Hofmeyr3-11/+109
2016-02-29hnb-test: decode NAS pdu when receiving RUA from CNNeels Hofmeyr4-1/+97
2016-02-29hnb-test: tweak commentNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2016-02-29hnb-test: comment on gen_initue_lu() IMSINeels Hofmeyr1-0/+13
2016-02-24hnb-test: some rua rx printfsNeels Hofmeyr2-3/+66
2016-02-24osmo-hnbgw, hnb-test: allow configuring VTY addressNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+7
2016-02-20test-ranap.ok: fix expectations after commit 49f99cd26Neels Hofmeyr1-6/+6
2016-02-18ranap: Add custom ranap_decode_rab_setupormodifieditemies() functionDaniel Willmann1-0/+25
2016-02-18ranap_common: Add helper function to get IP from transport layer addrDaniel Willmann1-0/+17
2016-02-18ranap_msg_factory: Use network byte order for 16 bit mode_versions fieldDaniel Willmann1-1/+1
2016-02-18hnbgw: fix errmsg typoNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2016-02-18hnbgw vty: add logging commandsNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
2016-02-18hnb-test: fix wrong domain indicator in ranap.Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2016-02-18dummy_cn_sua: missing includeNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
2016-02-18hnbgw: hnb_context_alloc(): fix missing free, missing return, wrong error ret...Neels Hofmeyr1-3/+4
2016-01-14hnbgw: Print out the hnbgw context map per HNBDaniel Willmann1-0/+8
2016-01-14hnb-test: Increment UE conn_id for each new loc_upd_reqDaniel Willmann1-1/+3
2016-01-14dummy_cn: Respond to initial UE message with empty ranap messageDaniel Willmann1-1/+13
2016-01-14hnbgw: Mark ps_cnlink as psDaniel Willmann3-4/+5
2016-01-14context_map: Have one mapping per UE/cnlink combinationDaniel Willmann1-0/+3
2016-01-12Revert "hnbgw_hnbap: Zero IEs_t before decode is called"Daniel Willmann1-5/+0
2016-01-07hnbgw_hnbap: Zero IEs_t before decode is calleddaniel/wipDaniel Willmann1-0/+5
2016-01-07ranap_common_cn: Free structs allocated through ranap_cn_rx_co()Daniel Willmann1-0/+96
2016-01-07ranap_common_cn: Free structs allocated through ranap_cn_rx_cl()Daniel Willmann1-1/+86
2016-01-07ranap_common_cn: Fix copy/paste bug when decoding outcome messageDaniel Willmann1-1/+1
2016-01-07ranap_common_cn: Add missing break in switch statementDaniel Willmann1-0/+1
2016-01-07Free ies struct after use in tests and hnbgw_cn/ruaDaniel Willmann4-0/+17
2016-01-07tests/dummy_cn_sua.c: Fix ranap_common_cn includeDaniel Willmann1-1/+1
2016-01-07asn1tostruct: Add memory free functions and use them in HNBAPDaniel Willmann1-1/+7
2016-01-07hnbgw_hnbap: Handle hnb deregister message as wellDaniel Willmann1-0/+18
2016-01-07hnbgw: When a HNB is released release associated UEs as wellDaniel Willmann1-0/+11
2016-01-07hnbgw: Use libosmo-netif for SCCP connection handlingDaniel Willmann5-78/+54
2016-01-07Correct postprocessing of generated filesDaniel Willmann1-4/+4
2016-01-06also 'sed' the include path of the ranap_common.h fileHarald Welte1-0/+1
2016-01-06make ranap_common.cn.[ch] part of libosmo-ranapHarald Welte4-17/+4
2016-01-06ranap_common_cn.c: Use call-backs rather than function callsHarald Welte3-20/+13
2016-01-05move ranap_*.h,iu_helpers.h to include/osmocom/ranap/Neels Hofmeyr16-717/+29
2016-01-05hnbap_common.c: Fix include pathHarald Welte1-1/+1
2016-01-05rebuild en/decoders when asn1tostruct.py changedNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+3
2016-01-05Fix -I in tests/ (broken by include dir changes)Neels Hofmeyr1-2/+2
2016-01-05Remove osmo-iuh subdir level from include/ (2/2)Neels Hofmeyr737-1465/+1465
2016-01-04move asn1 headers to include/ dir (5/5)Neels Hofmeyr9-747/+744
2016-01-04move asn1 headers to include/ dir (4/5)Neels Hofmeyr729-34575/+0
2016-01-04move asn1 headers to include/ dir (2/5)Neels Hofmeyr1160-1619/+1619