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ensure unique CellIDs in HNB-GW
If we receive a HNB-REGISTER-REQ with a cell ID which is already used by another registered NNB, log an error and send HNB-REGISTER-REJECT. Tested manually by running two 'hnb-test' programs concurrently (they need to listen on different telnet ports; this port is hard-coded so I compiled two different hnb-test binaries). Then I issued the 'hnbap hnb register' command on the telnet interface of each, and verified that the correct action is logged by osmo-hnbgw. Both hnb-test programs can connect, but only one of them can register at a time. Killing a registered 'hnb-test' program terminates its connection and allows the previously rejected one to register. The new rejection log message looks like this: hnbgw_hnbap.c:429 rejecting HNB-REGISTER-REQ with duplicate cell identity MCC=901,MNC=99,LAC=49406,RAC=66,SAC=43947,CID=182250155 from (r=<->l= Change-Id: Iffd441eb2b6b75dfbe001b49b01bea015ca6e11c Related: OS#2789
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