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5 daysgnuradio zmq broker refactoringHEADmasterPau Espin Pedrol3-141/+172
First step towards support everal ENBs and installing the remote script at runtime: * The gnuradio broker class is moved to its own file, to decouple it from RFemu. * The ENBs are registered earlier in the test so that the GrBroker knows when to start (delay start + setup until all ENBs have been configured). * Handle ENBs internally as a list. Change-Id: I4f1095bbc7ed0a816fe47caef44f7becadd9d737
5 daysrfemu_gnuradio_zmq: fix amplitude conversionAndre Puschmann1-3/+4
fix dB to amplitude conversion and adjust max attenuation value Change-Id: I5a94d5d31e7dc85ab37bd281f95374ad825a41ff
5 daysenb: add basic TDD config optionAndre Puschmann3-0/+35
this patch adds the basic notion of FDD and TDD duplexing modes to the eNB object. So far we've always assume FDD. Since only Amarisoft eNB supports TDD, the required config template changes, etc. are only applied there. The patch also adds a scenario to enable the default TDD config. Change-Id: I37216b5bfdf527d221913283b6c41d3c8fd6b500
6 dayssysmocom: Introduce suite to test emergency callsPau Espin Pedrol6-2/+33
Change-Id: I2e851c94311ded0abd4ff072b8cc72316d972750
6 daysms: Allocate default msisdn internallyPau Espin Pedrol9-14/+15
Don't wait until adding it to the subscriber data base, since the msisdn may be needed beforehand (for instance in follow up patch to be passed to osmo-msc configuration to route emergency calls). Change-Id: I0d6902687e4beb3d6cdcefd4e343f21496100504
6 days4g: Introduce ZMQ GnuRadio stream brokerPau Espin Pedrol6-30/+324
srsENB currently creates 1 zmq stream (1 tx, 1 rx) for each cell (2 if MIMO is enabled). Each cell transceives on a given EARFCN (and several cells can transmit on same EARFCN). However, for handover test purposes, we want to join all cells operating on the same EARFCN to transceive on the same ZMQ conn, so that an srsUE can interact with them at the same time (same as if the medium was shared). Furthermore, we want to set different gains on each of those paths before merging them in order to emulate RF conditions like handover. In order to do so, a new element called the Broker is introduced, which is placed in between ENBs and UEs ZMQ conenctions, multiplexing the connections on the ENB side towards the UE side. A separate process for the broker is run remotely (ENB run host) which listens on a ctrl socket for commands. An internal Broker class is used in osmo-gsm-tester to interact with the remote script, for instance to configure the ports, start and stop the remote process, send commands to it, etc. On each ENB, when the rfemu "gnuradio_zmq" rfemu implementation is selected in configuration, it will configure its zmq connections and the UE ones to go over the Broker. As a result, that means the UE zmq port configuration is expected to be different than when no broker is in used, since there's the multiplexing per EARFCN in between. In this commit, only 1 ENB is supported, but multi-enb support is planned in the future. The handover test passes in the docker setup with this config: """ OSMO_GSM_TESTER_OPTS="-T -l dbg -s 4g:srsue-rftype@zmq+srsenb-rftype@zmq+" \ "mod-enb-nprb@6+mod-enb-ncells@2+mod-enb-cells-2ca+suite-4g@10,2+" \ "mod-enb-meas-enable -t =handover.py" """ and in resources.conf (or scenario), added: """ enb: ... cell_list: - dl_rfemu: type: gnuradio_zmq - dl_rfemu: type: gnuradio_zmq """ Note that since the broker is used, there's not need for mod-srsue-ncarriers@2 since the broker is joining the 2 enb cells into 1 stream on the UE side. Change-Id: I6282cda400558dcb356276786d91e6388524c5b1
6 daysms: Fix and use ms msisdn() getterPau Espin Pedrol3-8/+8
The getter method was named the same as the itnernal field, and hence when used it would fail since the intenral field would be sleect and fail to be called. Change-Id: I2f631eb6256eb0e065f41d5b7531395c4a054cd8
6 daysenb/ue: Assign zmq binding ports dynamically at runtimePau Espin Pedrol4-20/+51
ports are assigned increasingly in blocks in the range 2000-2200. Change-Id: If2abddeb2ad6819de4f3ce64daaf00d2f527f9d2
7 daystemplates/osmo-bts-trx: Increase osmo-trx rx-gainPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Otherwise osmo-trx with a B200 seems to be having issues receiving some data from the MS otherwise, making "sms" test fail. In general LU works fine, and when MS sends the SMS, CM Service Request+Accept also works fine, but then the BTS never sees the CP-DATA afterwards probably due to MS power loop. Change-Id: I5f7e3d22a142521ab83db81635ded252dabcf111
8 daysrfemu_srsenb_stdin: use negative dB value to set attenuationAndre Puschmann1-1/+1
the logic for the RF emulator on the command line is, like the Amarisoft equivalent, to set a negative gain value to express attenuation. Therefore, the sign needs to be inverted. Change-Id: I7b6ac611a9f711bbdc1570602bfd797a5346ab86
8 days{enb,epc,ms}_srs: remove uneeded class variableAndre Puschmann3-3/+0
self.kpis is define in base class Change-Id: I49c9c9cdf7bc31270d3cfe182a79b197a742dd2c
8 dayssrsenb: Activate handover in config filePau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
This is needed to test handover features. Change-Id: Ifa8462f4d1e183e73b059a7af37bcdf7b3e247f6
9 dayssrsenb: Fix ECI in handover cell listPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
So far we only support setting cell IDs from same ENB. Support for handover to other ENB will come later, probably by adding some API to be called during the test to add own's CellID's to other ENB's config.t Change-Id: I1780bda130cde0faab15d4032117e0aa2b9c5dbe
9 daysIntroduce RFemu stdin implementation for srsENBPau Espin Pedrol3-0/+59
Change-Id: I5487dec3691cbf424306369f94f337ed34a10c70
9 dayssrs{enb,ue}: add rf_dev_sync option to config templatesAndre Puschmann4-2/+7
pass-through the option so they can be used in templates just concatenate with rf_dev_args for srsLTE eNB/UE, arguments parsing will handle them Change-Id: I3818026c159780f29968888f547163cdf730afad
9 daysenb_amarisoft: add rf_dev_sync option to specify the sync typeAndre Puschmann3-2/+3
this allows to specify "external_clock" for example to use the external REF input of an USRP Change-Id: Ie066993440840cbd2c18e8f0c0c577b92ac7092d
2020-10-06ms_srs: add freq_offset as resource paramAndre Puschmann2-1/+2
this allows to specify a freq tuning offset in Hz in the MS resource config Change-Id: Iab726edd27e890d2c2dddbea91afe80d8a5068aa
2020-10-05srslte_common: fix indent in whole fileAndre Puschmann1-65/+65
Change-Id: I8aee79e9d451761dde8f35f84d75483dc4e23040
2020-10-05srslte_common: add get_num_phy_errors() methodAndre Puschmann1-0/+11
the get_num_phy_errors() uses the external KPI analyzer module to calculate the number of PHY layers errors in a vector of log metrics Change-Id: I0c8de87e7f83f986e288585640ce56847959c497
2020-10-05amarisoft_enb.cfg.tmpl: seperate PRACH root sequences for cellsAndre Puschmann1-1/+1
seperate the root sequence index for each cell a bit more to avoid detection of a single PRACH in both cells Change-Id: I5aea1a27939c880944779c282e902465ab513715
2020-10-05enb_amarisoft: reduce max achievable UL rate for 100 PRBAndre Puschmann1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib7a0b8e2948cdf6c0a15d4ad2bf7d218a6b28ea2
2020-10-05amarisoft_enb.cfg.tmpl: increas threshold for failed UL retransmissionsAndre Puschmann1-0/+1
this avoids the eNB from releasing the UE too early if the UL channel stays very bad for a longer time but many PUSCH are scheduled Change-Id: Ib82616e920eecc70fbded12433e54bd90ae1bcd4
2020-10-05lte: update UHD device args for MIMO usageAndre Puschmann3-20/+48
the USRP B210 device args were not ideal for MIMO configs for both Amarisoft and srsLTE. Change-Id: I3785bb96eb7c10a6b10b3d1a86fa71d1f787a7a3
2020-10-05amarisoft_enb.cfg.tmpl: use default tac 0007Andre Puschmann1-1/+1
this is the tac used in srsepc. Change-Id: I1de432a52281ea210abae5648239fd89ba5eb4ce
2020-10-05amarisoft_sib23.asn.tmpl: set p-b value in SIB23 depending on TMAndre Puschmann1-0/+4
this fixes a wrong p-b value used for TM2 and above Change-Id: I89c557c456f3330f491cc66bc4931a0234bf6e02
2020-10-05ms_srs: fix ZMQ config for 4xCAAndre Puschmann1-0/+11
add missing freq config for 4xCA Change-Id: I88a389f5b03d6b55ff5ef403d5107c648a11686f
2020-10-05srsenb_rr.conf.tmpl: set TAC for cells to 0x0007Andre Puschmann1-1/+1
this is the default TAC used in the EPC. A recent EPC patch will reject the S1 setup request if the TACs don't match Change-Id: I94fdb96631ce3ae35a1b2a9f90d1101df9161233
2020-10-05{enb,epc,ms}_srs: refactor start/stop and KPI helpersAndre Puschmann4-24/+57
refactor some of the functionality to srslte_common Change-Id: I2ff36df6f1a07ed8ddac39d296d62fe44a215283
2020-10-05reduce max expected UL rate for 4xCA 100 PRBAndre Puschmann1-0/+5
this needs to be reverte once extendedBSRs are supported Change-Id: I8432c744868afe43e2b150f6fcecd8cb3a0458a3
2020-10-05srsenb_rr.conf.example: comment CQI and SR specific subframesAndre Puschmann1-2/+2
this enables auto-selection by eNB which has been implemented recently Change-Id: I17e16c5c47a2fba5c2955a1c3e6e0e16f83bab72
2020-10-05enb_amarisoft: temporary reduce max UL rate on 2nd CCAndre Puschmann1-0/+5
this is due to a confirmed bug in Amarisoft eNB. will be reverted as soon as the fix is released. Change-Id: I182b46cf9e6c2f428c9535edf3c7df3daa912f18
2020-09-20enb_srs: expose DL AWGN channel modifier for srsENBAndre Puschmann2-1/+11
we've added the modifier to configure Amarisoft eNB channel model. This patch enables it for srsENB. Change-Id: I30e65d0431b2d2792986128287caf8b23a22b2c1
2020-09-20enb: incorporate number of carriers into ue_max_rate() APIAndre Puschmann3-3/+10
this allows the enb to calculate the max rate in a single spot rather than each test individually Change-Id: Id225a986e0b271cf9c057c74c9aefd6c7f3d39d6
2020-09-18testenv: Fix missing import module utilPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+1
util module is used in prompt() method (debug suite, interactive test). Change-Id: I9bb759d053a99108f121f1c4f7994726b6075fee
2020-09-18osmo-trx: Set more restrictive logging levels to avoid sporadic high load on ↵Pau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
stderr Change-Id: I9dca89027d9015b946440363eae5f7bd3e082268
2020-09-18bts-trx: Disable power-rampPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Power ramping features were implemented recently for osmo-bts-trx. We don't want to enable them because it makes phones take longer (if even at all) to find the network. Change-Id: I35e2f560b28eddef886ad3b2f8ffb4ff79be77da
2020-08-27ms_srs: trim leading zeros in UE metrics when calculating min_rolling_avgAndre Puschmann1-0/+2
this avoids a false negative detection when the UE attach takes a bit longer and the first seconds all zeros are reported in the CSV the HO test, for example, would fail in such a case as it expects no zero TP over the course of the experiment. Change-Id: I96dab17bb19249504dedda6659aed5eac0a65a26
2020-08-27enb: expose RRC inactivity timerAndre Puschmann3-2/+5
allow the user to specifiy the RRC inactiviy timer used in the eNB. set the default value to 20s Change-Id: I6a264b8dee893b883d40a48831cbb47eb15e1e7b
2020-08-27srsenb_rr.conf.tmpl: reduce PUCCH PRBs for SR and CQI to 1Andre Puschmann1-8/+0
this gives higher UL throughput because less resources are reserved for SR/CQI. For more users we may have to make the value configurable again. Change-Id: If6c313a1deafffda26e9effeb807ca71064c46bc
2020-08-27rfemu_amarisoft: handle exception and log event if WS is closedAndre Puschmann1-5/+9
the WS is closed if the eNB process dies. this patch will log an event but not stop the experiment. Change-Id: I0fafc7e38954400540375d51813e96500700f50c
2020-08-27enb_srs: add sleep after stopping srsENB to allow log flushAndre Puschmann1-0/+12
add similar concept used in the UE to allow the process to flush the logs Change-Id: I9f8341869f89cd7ae845072b9da4f6070fa2d242
2020-08-27srs{ue,enb}.conf.tmpl: remove restriction of PHY threads for ZMQAndre Puschmann2-8/+4
we now support any number of PHY threads also with ZMQ operation Change-Id: I31abfce742f757179fbfe4099cd0a934db4e63d7
2020-07-21suite: fix runtime error when suite.duration is NoneAndre Puschmann1-1/+1
report generation failed when duration was not set correctly and None was returned. Use 0 as duration by default. Change-Id: Ia654c67bf2dcce432f84e869550c516d8d5a07a0
2020-07-16srsenb_drb.conf.tmpl: add QCI8 configAndre Puschmann1-15/+37
add QCI config with RLC UM and PDCP SDU discard set to infinity Change-Id: If946f569f7bbb98fc754f30ff5627fa5ca4afe68
2020-07-15amarisoft_enb.cfg.tmpl: enable eNB PCAP if configuredAndre Puschmann1-0/+4
enable PCAP output in eNB config Change-Id: I8482315ce854c5b21a90b77de55dbb82f3049bcd
2020-07-15amarisoft_drb: adapt QCI 8 config for ZMQ operationAndre Puschmann1-10/+7
we use the otherwise unused QCI 8 as a slightly modified version of QCI 7 (default RLC UM) with a PDCP discard timer set to infinity to avoid dropping PDCP SDUs if packets arive faster than can be processed in the DL Change-Id: I06b7b583701f90827fba36564f969b5d58c9b9ad
2020-07-15iperf3: increase additional wait time for iperf clientAndre Puschmann1-1/+1
we've noticed that the Iperf client times out too soon in some experiment. It seems that this happens with ZMQ if the RAT is too slow (slower than realtime) and the eNB buffers too much data. This causes iperf to still receive DL data for example long after the configured runtime. Change-Id: I9b823ab22812c96920d54fb7342c8d4c578d5270
2020-07-15amarisoft_{mme,enb}: make sure mcc/mnc are zero paddedAndre Puschmann2-2/+2
same as for srsEPC this is also required for Amarisoft MME and eNB to support, i.e. 001/01 Note that the 3 digit MNC isn't covered by this. Change-Id: I80a84e01ec9530c285634452d7c18c17bdd595ce
2020-07-13iperf3: server: Avoid copying logfile during cleanup if already copied ↵Pau Espin Pedrol1-1/+2
previously Change-Id: I44e28f326fd476d27eb021922d38e9ca913aec69
2020-07-13iperf3: Avoid creating empty log filePau Espin Pedrol1-2/+2
Since a while ago, we avoid by default using the --logfile param to log the json output to a different file, in order to stay compatible with older versions of iperf3. However, the local logfile was still being created, and was not overwritten with the remote file with content because there's none created remotely (due to reasons explained above). Change-Id: I218ec28dc65febc7bd083d6d15854319bf4f3daf