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2019-07-24Introduce and use osmo-bts-trx VTY cmd max_trxd_version on sysmocell-5KPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Force TRXDv0 when using sysmocell-5k as a TRX, since its implementation (different than osmo-trx) doesn't support higher versions. Furthermore, it will crash upon receival of SETFORMAT string. By forcing maximum TRXD version to 0, osmo-bts-trx won't sent any SETFORMAT message since 0 is the initial version to use. Depends: osmo-bts.git I5eb1fdc002f9d7f4acf475356d8fc998dc8f6326 Related: OS#4006 Change-Id: Ic95c38d91dba354ae64c5edbfcea3fbbf34a7de3
2019-06-19tests: voice: Add voice call test with Osmux enabledPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ie4f360a77f6fcbc74f140a7fcb5feef2d94ac734
2019-06-19Introduce osmux support for msc,bsc,mgwPau Espin Pedrol3-0/+3
Change-Id: Ief3518e77650f2cddb48357b07fe95346e46ee1b
2019-04-28virtual: Unify the lua script into a single oneHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-1/+8
In the quest to support multiple testcases we will use a single script. Parts can be enabled/disabled depending on which tests we want/need to run. Change-Id: I8a093671173976eba9215c00a7aea0f6cab467c6
2019-03-27Integrate osmo-{bts,pcu}-oc2gPau Espin Pedrol2-0/+54
Change-Id: I446e27039f75e63c2870d751c190a4fd76947000
2018-12-30mobile: Switch from removed cli option to vty portHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+2
Bind the mobile's to a random (chosen by the kernel) VTY port. The CLI option was removed and I added a new VTY command to be able to specify the port in addition to the address. Change-Id: Ie40a2ba156ba5674d37a15eb30e5b2527e75fbe7
2018-12-13ms_driver: Add a virtual bts and make use of itHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+48
It's very close to the osmo-bts-trx but without osmo-trx. Modify the suite to make use of this BTS. Change-Id: I9f5a2501eb4473ccf2287c902ee207c6a45a1bc5
2018-11-21templates: bsc/nitb: Remove explicit no force-combined-siPau Espin Pedrol2-2/+0
It's always been the default anyway, so no need to explicitly state it. Furthermore, recently (osmobsc 167cb828665b91ed7d28007abd4a1862ebbb78c9) force-combined-si was enabled by default for nanoBTS due to issues with some MS not registering when it's not enabled, so let's osmo-bsc decide were should it be enabled. Related: OS#3063 Change-Id: I97b10406a4a0048c66a47aa7d32a113f0c0366d1
2018-11-14templates: osmo-pcu-sysmo: Set log level from dbg to infoPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Otherwise there's too much output. With debug enabled, iperf3 test from gprs testsuite generates a 111MB osmo-pcu.log. Change-Id: I687361f3d6ede9a77531cd71204b1b07e0d1af42
2018-11-13templates: osmo-pcu: Set log level from dbg to infoPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Otherwise there's too much output. With debug enabled, iperf3 test from gprs testsuite generates a 96MB osmo-pcu.log. With log level set to info, size drops to 1.4M, which is a lot less after compressing in an archive. Change-Id: I008234024b9369db42c90ef5d59a013fd2d22718
2018-11-09osmo-trx: Add support for dev-args cfg parameterPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Change-Id: I3cff225e378e187779bf2b0c7d65bd6b97217104
2018-10-31Add support to enable EGPRSPau Espin Pedrol2-3/+3
Change-Id: I682f0c1b4cb97b704d646f18f54e748baaefd677
2018-10-03Drop unused sysmobts-mgr.cfg.tmplPau Espin Pedrol1-24/+0
Change-Id: I09632a6b4d3a431f1699d00843b9d7ee257a8b4c
2018-10-03templates: Update .cfg files to use logging level set-allPau Espin Pedrol12-12/+12
VTY cmd "logging level all" is deprecated in favour of "logging level set-all", but the required behaviour in this case is "logging level set-all". Change-Id: Ice54fca6be86f05a02ce4ae783e6e42e6958b95d
2018-09-18osmo-trx: Add multi_arfcn supportPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+5
2nd TRX arfcn is changed in defaults.conf because multi_arfcn requires them to be alocated in steps of 4 starting from TRX0. It is not enabled by default yet on B200 (it must use it to support several TRX) because current host running osmo-gsm-tester is not performant enough and cannot keep up with timers due to multi-arfcn CPU overhead. Change-Id: I096df82ad1f4cbb41dfbd6a78466a845f34be385
2018-09-18osmo-bts-trx: Add multiTRX supportPau Espin Pedrol1-3/+7
Support is limited to 1 osmo-trx with 1 phy and multiple instances. Change-Id: If2bda5ec7ac9fa3fe6bc5d71f323c3ccc2a70158
2018-08-29osmo-bts-trx: Big refactor and cleanup of osmo-trx related codePau Espin Pedrol2-5/+24
* This commit is a preparation for future commits to add support for different osmo-trx devices and backends like osmo-trx-lms. * Drop deprecated osmo-trx-* cmd line params and use VTY cfg to set them. * As number of osmo-trx related osmo-gsm-tester attributes grow, group them togther in an "osmo_trx" dictionary. Change-Id: I77d29413c9e3b600b796627ba366f80c3281b7e1
2018-08-29osmo-bsc: Parametrize codec-list VTY cfgPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Change-Id: I1678aba43e8d399ecad192cbc416698373e3c0a0
2018-08-22Add channel_allocator cfg attr to bts resourcesPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Change-Id: I682809d4aeb91a36e3a35fc481e8d40d0b084fa0
2018-08-21osmo-bsc,msc: Set mgw local-ip in cfg.tmplPau Espin Pedrol2-0/+3
Change-Id: Id46aa337f12756f80d492bf3102db5b1449e2027
2018-08-13osmo-hlr.cfg.tmpl: Add ussd routing prefix for *#100# and fix expected ↵Pau Espin Pedrol1-0/+1
answer format Since osmo-hlr.git I1d09fab810a6bb9ab02904de72dbc9e8a414f9f9, USSD processing has been moved to osmo-hlr and prefix routing needs to be configured, otherwise USSD requested are answered back to the MS with an error "ss-NotAvailable (18)". mesage received for extension resolution (*#100#) had its format change, so update to new format (carriage return at the end was dropped). Change-Id: I5f75eff0df2d20d7f9b39e69184cffb0e635713d
2018-06-22ggsn: Bind VTY and CTRL ifaces to assigned ip addrPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+3
Change-Id: I26735a21cd53183dfe0a75e5bd24954d583c354f
2018-06-06osmo_ms_driver: Use the two new config options for the mobileHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+2
Avoid being stuck in c7 state and use the c7-any-timeout with a low value. Do not attempt to store SMS in the home directory (if they are received). Change-Id: I4bb59130a04852bc43af9ef3602b129f40e9e170
2018-05-28osmo-bsc.cfg.tmpl: Remove unused nd recently removed option destPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
This VTY cmd has been removed in osmo-bsc.git 68e4be9c845e25f53aea511b1c57340a9da5825c. Change-Id: I48c0b8a7b2a0088887f1309efc40bcf1da0f1626
2018-05-25bsc: Add API to mock BSC RSL IP addrPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Change-Id: I9ca67964e656943b50967a27a88054fd3e484672
2018-05-25templates: osmo-bts: Use BTS assigned IP addr to bind CTRL and VTY ifacePau Espin Pedrol3-1/+15
Change-Id: Ib1c3022a6c531ef8c6a5ba31927762806abc37ac
2018-04-04ms: Create template for the osmocom-bb mobile applicationHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+49
Change-Id: I9296f42edfab57762f8dd317d63231298cda5430
2018-04-04ms: Lua part of location update testingHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+18
The lua part to start the MS and then signal the first successful Location Update. Change-Id: Ica5aa0c2f86d0e5d8a2bc4dc0652de18762dd156
2018-04-03templates: osmo-bsc: Remove no longer available cfgsPau Espin Pedrol1-3/+0
osmo-bsc c74a5616bf1c77ac40ddd92f4927dca7a1b45bc8 removed these cfg options as they are dead code. Change-Id: I2fb63d31d5d7424b48ed2cfc694d09db072db485
2018-03-04osmo-trx: Add cfg templatePau Espin Pedrol1-0/+15
Since commit 3da1f8352e337fb032bf7a58c2909d3ba918e237, osmo-trx requires a cfg file to start successfully. Change-Id: I8f0e0d0a9fa849f41c3cccc4059431f62f956eac
2018-02-26osmo-msc: Use osmo-mgw instead of osmo-bsc_mgcpPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+2
osmo-msc now requires osmo-mgw and it's not expected to work properly anymore with old mgcp code. Change-Id: I93033f7b6133a4914f12f37511ad870b3dea3201
2018-02-14templates: osmo-msc: Remove unused option auth policyPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
Commit osmo-msc 098aa71e83a86200a18088927b4753909f5ed518 removes this option from default configuration as it is really not used in osmo-msc, it comes from osmo-nitb times. Change-Id: I928379ebabfc776f33b9f345d92a7a4a533fe25f
2018-02-14templates: osmo-msc: Remove unused option reject causePau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
Commit osmo-msc 27b40c601c41fde70446ad553629494234c07662 removes this option from default configuration as it is really not used in osmo-msc, it comes from osmo-nitb times. Change-Id: Iac1948113514414e7573f3bbfb3ce82e6c49adb6
2017-12-19osmo-bsc.cfg.tmpl: Remove bogus VTY commandsHarald Welte1-5/+0
There are plenty of VTY commands that were inherited from OsmoNITB, but which make no sense in a BSC. Upstream OsmoBSC has removed them in change-ids Ib626f43a3a3ca69dfc127afe5832eb58f7fb6a38, c499e5c62e9bef0db219e4658ffeb3292d6e6a5b and 8311a81bae85618302273c3f769275893161a7d7 Change-Id: I79ff48983d9cb7b875c1859870d5e3bce2c0ef22
2017-12-15Set osmo-ggsn ipv6 link-local addr and enable ipv6 ctx activate testPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+2
osmo-ggsn requires a link-local IPv6 address to be added to the tun interface, otherwise the apn will not be configured correctly and it won't be able to allocate addresses from the ipv6 pool later on. Some OS don't support autoconfiguring link-local IPv6 addresses when the interface is brought up (some linux versions are known to fail at it). This is the case for our Prod osmo-gsm-tester setup (running debian8 with kernel 3.16.51). Make sure we configure correctly the interface by forcing osmo-ggsn to set on the interface and use a specific IPv6 link-local address. This is done by using the "ipv6 link-local" vty cmd in osmo-ggsn. After this modification, we can re-enable ipv6 gprs context creation as it will work in Prod setup. Related: OS#2746 Change-Id: Ib291c02a3c57a4189f9c4b1b856109be97ad2a34
2017-12-05bts_*: Add incrementing bvci and rac valuesPau Espin Pedrol2-8/+8
Change-Id: Ie65d7d33322c775a1040b5c81f367d882a7c2c5b
2017-12-05OsmoPcuSysmo: Integrate with Sysmobts and OsmoSgsnPau Espin Pedrol2-0/+62
Change-Id: I01485c5d74e5fe62d0ffea9eb1fad29041426eef
2017-12-05Add OsmoPcu classPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+6
Change-Id: I04d8ed5e02b090d07e91669df44ce354bc6ee749
2017-12-05Add class OsmoPcuSysmoPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+12
Change-Id: I6fbb71df1ad36e5d7eb02f3fdd7987a178d523d3
2017-12-05bts_*: Add ready_for_pcu APIPau Espin Pedrol3-0/+6
This is required to start osmo-pcu after osmo-bts is already setup and activated. Otherwise osmo-pcu ends after connecting to socket with: "pcu_l1_if.cpp:416 BTS not available" Change-Id: I7209589f60bda63094336e417638906be5e273c4
2017-12-05Add OsmoSgsn classPau Espin Pedrol1-4/+12
Change-Id: Iec370a444998c632b3615ad1a6d6f67e64e2bfeb
2017-12-05Add OsmoGgsn classPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+74
Change-Id: I0eed70838e4e8656c4bc1337df70e631a10d69c7
2017-11-30osmo-bsc: Remove token cmd from configPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
In 3b18044859df15ffd2ad4c3e5c3d2c94a2923eb9 this command has been dropped and is no longer recognized. Change-Id: I98546e36f8c809e8066fe0cc0d80d0ae3276473f
2017-11-29osmo-bsc: Remove authentication cmd from configPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
authentication is firmly VLR land and must go away from bsc. That option is a leftover from nitb. It will be removed at some point. Change-Id: I3bb4189b33173245116018e437e113c6c1226639
2017-11-29osmo-bsc: Remove 'auth policy' cmd from configPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+0
As of osmo-bsc ad47f7108aff5438bd2c6f7c0e898f4aa3b66fbe, this command has been dropped and is no longer recognized. Change-Id: Id97074195f045e6872a1a7030671a06259c9ec31
2017-11-20Configure bsc and msc to connect to the specific stp provided in testPau Espin Pedrol3-0/+11
Change-Id: I89deaa71956131766fec8fcc3bc7381ebb0e187f
2017-11-09Require OsmoMgw in OsmoBsc and update testsPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+4
Since Change-Id Ia2882b7ca31a3219c676986e85045fa08a425d7a, osmo-bsc uses osmo-mgw and utilizes libosmo-mgcp-client to talk to it. This commit fixes latest constant failures in voice suite. Change-Id: I1dadd781a357fce33e7bde55e4bcbdaeb4633359
2017-11-09Introduce OsmoMgw class (osmo-mgw)Pau Espin Pedrol1-0/+16
Change-Id: I6081ceaddcde748ada8b124a29432d498a9cbdac
2017-11-08osmo-msc: Use mgw instead of mgcpgw in cfgPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
As of osmo-mgw 87203f2a3746d708f85ee75d978e2821bda58e6d, mgcpw commands are deprectated. Change-Id: Ib0220c9f7f6262234712c3195dda0e076c7dd390
2017-11-08Use unique incrementing value for BTS CellIdPau Espin Pedrol2-2/+2
Change-Id: If4559b945a3e71f3a36fd7ac760cb094278f6b39