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2017-06-08osmo-msc: configure HLR addressneels/msc-hlrNeels Hofmeyr3-0/+6
In db59bcf9fcdc5f05fdb9047b905ab497472440bc we added a configured GSUP server address for the osmo-hlr, but the osmo-msc is still trying to connect to In the same way as for mgcpgw, add conf_for_msc() to OsmoHLR, and use that to configure the HLR's address in osmo-msc.cfg. Change-Id: I005aa160c679fc92b248abd762888959bd5b2c55
2017-06-07test API: allow passing resource requirementsNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+6
For all those API functions that directly use reserved_resources.get(), add a 'specifics' argument to be able to pick specific resources. For example, this allows to pick a suite.bts(specifics={'type': 'osmo-bts-sysmo'}) I needed this to test error reporting for over-using resources, but will most probably make sense in the future. Change-Id: If6f175f4bb53dec5306fb3c6479202a7bf1c7116
2017-06-07error log: clarify for reserving more resources than availableNeels Hofmeyr2-4/+13
When trying to reserve more resources than available in the resources.conf, actually print an intelligible error message: catch the nameless error from solve() and fill in what was requested for solution. Change-Id: Iba3707f1aaeb40a58c616c33af52a60c9a2e7e1f
2017-06-07fix problem in origin ancestry: don't add self twiceNeels Hofmeyr3-13/+20
Also add various comments to illustrate what is going on during origin resolution. In the regression tests' expectations, some duplicate entries in the origins are removed, and hence no list of deeper origin ancestry is printed anymore. Change-Id: I42c3b8635b54c31c27699140e200c1f75a6ada29
2017-06-06cosmetic: whitespace in log.pyNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+2
Change-Id: I356725ba7d874d3d41afb5e4c89dac188c8d7dcc
2017-06-06add cmdline arg to set conf dirNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+10
Add -c cmdline option to do the same as / in addition to the OSMO_GSM_TESTER_CONF var, because setting the var is cumbersome in daily development. Change-Id: I4c3b482f31f638047ab3f3d785d294b28d244b80
2017-06-03Add GPLv3 license text to repositoryHarald Welte1-0/+674
Change-Id: I094598c0a725a4e8a005bb255779ef5ab3456934
2017-06-03Re-License under GPLv3-or-later instead of AGPLv3-or-laterHarald Welte27-81/+81
The "Affero" nature makes sense for the Osmocom network components like BSC, SGSN, etc. as they are typically operated to provide a network service. For testing, this doesn't make so much sense as it is difficult to imagine people creating a business out of offering to run test cases on an end-to-end Osmocom GSM network. So let's drop the 'Affero' here. All code is so far developed by sysmocom staff, so as Managing Director of sysmocom I can effect such a license change unilaterally. Change-Id: I8959c2d605854ffdc21cb29c0fe0e715685c4c05
2017-06-03Use reserved ip address for osmo-hlr GSUP interfacePau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Otherwise was being used and we want all interfaces for a specific osmo-hlr instance to use the same IP Requires osmo-hlr change id I79f7a300480f308b21116dd14d1698be38725afd otherwise osmo-hlr won't be able to parse the configuration file. Change-Id: I4e0063abc8de3d739ebd81942b692cc2e75792f1
2017-06-02jenkins: extract common parts of build scripts to separate fileNeels Hofmeyr6-366/+192
Have all complexity in one common shell script, greatly simplify the individual scripts. This allows to provide a specific branch or git hash to build instead of current master. Some scripts allowed to provide branch names before, this now also allows using git hashes directly. Environment variables can be used to override the git hash/branch to use for specific repositories. Motivation for this patch: we need this to investigate failure causes more easily. Change-Id: I5ac2f90d006a1b2f6c246976346d852a70c89089
2017-06-02jenkins: remove unused file: jenkins-remote-update.shNeels Hofmeyr1-24/+0
Change-Id: I2858331393722d13e05d194656d8ee4dc17253f9
2017-06-02jenkins: remove unused file: jenkins-build-osmo-bts-octphy.shNeels Hofmeyr1-70/+0
Change-Id: Ia030aebd7341f198bc768d2beb6abbe8f57a57a0
2017-05-31Use reserved ip address for osmo-mgcpgw VTY interfacePau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
Otherwise was being used and we want all interfaces for a specific osmo-mgcpgw instance to use the same IP Change-Id: I60dbfbb66458cd333fe07139ee175c94fa1672a7
2017-05-31aoip_debug/interactive: Start mgcpgwPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+1
Change-Id: I32079a7ed70e23d9bf170672e2220bc44d434e5d
2017-05-31Use reserved ip address for osmo-bsc ctrl interfacePau Espin Pedrol1-0/+2
Otherwise was being used and we want all interfaces for a specific osmo-bsc instance to use the same IP Change-Id: I38dccac6707bf55f0abcf96e3a9d7d8ec765a156
2017-05-31sms_test: add output checksNeels Hofmeyr2-0/+6
Change-Id: I4b033dc0d3d43825901308cda05c6999946b664e
2017-05-31fix: Sms.__eq__ bug due to typoNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+3
Add test of this to sms_test.py Change-Id: Ib0b420a81c1b211a9f03a2521d244b3a427d5e5b
2017-05-31Move Sms class to a separate modulePau Espin Pedrol3-47/+67
Preparation for following commits to add smpp support, as we will have a class SmppClient with a method accepting an Sms object to send it. Change-Id: I1f28e14e963abb64df687b69d54975be2aeb0d0d
2017-05-30cosmetic: review mo_mt_sms.py's loggingNeels Hofmeyr4-8/+20
Implement the Modem.log_info() function, use that instead of logging all modem properties. Tweak mo_mt_sms.py print() statements. Pass modem object to SMS generation to inlcude the modem name as SMS token. Change-Id: I2b17fce0b3b05594fd9038b54e5b65f5127bd0a4
2017-05-30ofono_client: Fix race condition when checking for required featuresPau Espin Pedrol1-9/+0
I got a backtrace in which the modem was lacking feature 'net'. That happens for 2 reasons: 1- net feature is not shown unless the modem is Online (at least for sierra modems) 2- Even after it has been set online, a lapse of time can pass before the feature gets shown. This was added in 896f08f6ab275e60104d2a442b8d1040ce61ca76 "fix: refresh dbus object when interfaces have changed" with the expectation that the 'Features' list would be available in all modem states. Since it depends on being powered and online, the same functionality is already provided by checking the Interfaces list, hence this code can be dropped entirely. Change-Id: Iedd62235d1a3a8b917ad4ac0b61b9c5dbf0fe43c
2017-05-29default suites: enable osmo-bts-trx (Ettus B210)Neels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
Change-Id: I5dce732ed21f34988aa014add4d2d611dd0c44fc
2017-05-29contrib/jenkins: more aggressively exclude docsNeels Hofmeyr4-4/+4
Completely discard prefix/share/doc in builds. There was still ~1.2Mb from libosmo-netif around. Exception: osmo-hlr installs a bootstrap sql in prefix/share/doc/osmo-hlr, so leave that script as-is. Change-Id: I7f3f3cfed0f56099bdff93b11a0009c1caef67c8
2017-05-29cosmetic: SMS tokens: add modem name to SMS messageNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+7
Change-Id: I66b8f30303e21ad781d16f3aa9fe30067d6a0e20
2017-05-29log.Origin: return self on __enter__Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+2
Allows using 'with some_origin() as foo:' constructs. Not used actively, but is sometimes useful during debugging sessions. Change-Id: I7a6463ee39761775305dd2272c24f248552db4ad
2017-05-29resources.conf: take out Hofmeyr1-1/+0
This seems to be the default address used to communicate via SSH with the sysmoBTS. Whichever process ends up getting this address sees all of the SSH in its pcap (for the AoIP build it tends to be OsmoHLR). We could filter properly, but actually also just take this address out of the pool for allocation to server processes. Change-Id: I07e74ba0b9a5b08a308aae7646c4b7c70fe4aa0e
2017-05-29fix osmo-bts-trx: missing patch to use new event_loopNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+2
Change-Id: I640258d8451aff1633cba7390df5430da50d0b0b
2017-05-29fix log: print suite-run separator in proper placeNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+1
error was introduced by 0ffb41440661631fa1d520c152be4cf8ebd4c46b 'Add JUnit XML reports; refactor test reporting' Change-Id: I9acf1a840277979a19a2019c69e4562ff7fe2ca0
2017-05-29fix multi-suite runs: implement modem cleanupNeels Hofmeyr2-6/+25
After a suite was done, the modem object would linger. If two suites were run consecutively, the first suite's modem objects would still log incoming SMS. Add an object cleanup mechanism in the SuiteRun class. Start by adding a cleanup() to the Modem object and subscribing created modems there. Move the modem_obj() function into SuiteRun, there is no use of it being separate, and it makes for better logging. Change-Id: I0048d33e661d683a263c98128cd5c38b8d897dab
2017-05-29fix: refresh dbus object when interfaces have changedNeels Hofmeyr1-91/+224
This solves the KeyError problems when we attempt to use new Interfaces that have come up. The solution is to get a fresh pydbus object when interfaces have been added. Another key solution is to not completely discard and unregister all signals every time. This is racy and may cause signals getting lost. If an interface was not removed, it is not harmful to have it subscribed using an older pydbus object. These older objects may linger until the specific signal subscriptions are disconnected. It is important to fetch a new dbus object for subscribing to signals on interfaces that have just been added. Put signal subscription and property watching in a separate class ModemDbusInteraction. This class may also be used without signals or a modem config, in anticipation of the IMSI discovery patch that's coming up. Related: OS#2233 Change-Id: Ia36b881c25976d7e69dbb587317dd139169ce3d9
2017-05-29fix: free resources when a suite run is doneNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+8
Add missing code to free resources, not upon program exit, but when a suite is done. This allows running more than one suite in a row. Also add a check to not attempt to free if there is nothing to be freed, to avoid a regression test failure triggered when a suite exits without reserving anything. Change-Id: Ic017a1cf07052f5e48812c8553fba6f972d280f0 Related: OS#2301
2017-05-29fix: None error on unavailable resourcesNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
If not a single resource of a wanted item was left, we ran into a None. Report unavailability instead. Change-Id: Ie1849a74cb227964e7c3ac06852582baa2333697
2017-05-29fix osmo-bts-trx: add config: 'osmotrx tx-attenuation oml'Neels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
Before this, the network opened up by osmo-bts-trx would be invisible through the attenuation of the osmo-gsm-tester hardware, because tx-attenuation would apparently default to 50, meaning maximum attenuation. Change-Id: I1c026b5691033127eef766d82566c39cc070e14a
2017-05-28log: change 'log_all_origins' from bool to a list of levels to apply toNeels Hofmeyr3-8/+9
The idea is to see the full origin list for log level ERR, while the rest of the logging can be kept less verbose. Change-Id: I0277782652548fa321f767da79b207d70678fad1
2017-05-28contrib/jenkins: cosmetic: add some spacing in log outputNeels Hofmeyr3-1/+30
Change-Id: Ie7238d8610f2be3e074f366861782e010d814e94
2017-05-29default-suites.conf: run aoipNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
Change-Id: I0f7d6feec5062c2aaf07eb9a7f543a4a84cb1ff7
2017-05-29MSC+BSC: add separate suites for AoIP: aoip_sms, aoip_debugNeels Hofmeyr4-0/+86
It would be nicer to select the network programs as scenarios, i.e. independently from the specifics of tests that don't care whether a NITB or a MSC+BSC is in place. See OS#2270. For now have a separate script for BSC+MSC+HLR operation to be able to rapidly get the binaries to work. We might even simply drop the NITB style, in which case we don't need to make it configurable. Change-Id: I06d2529822f3e483ce7fffc439edfa57844e01ef
2017-05-29MSC+BSC: add test api to run OsmoMSC and OsmoBSC with AoIPNeels Hofmeyr11-3/+643
Change-Id: I5842e8f1cba8e8e6bedfc08540efcafe207159cb
2017-05-29contrib: add jenkins-build-osmo-hlr.shNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+69
Change-Id: I07ca99c57eb1c47a3f83673502c8ec638e7e42b2
2017-05-29contrib: add jenkins-build-osmo-msc.shNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+82
Change-Id: I2d5520cab0ad09f23e3ba49404385af80acf56f6
2017-05-29resources.conf: more IP addressesNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
The upcoming BSC+MSC+HLR+MGCPGW style will need four IP addresses. I found six already configured on the main unit, so adding all of them to our resources.conf. Change-Id: Ie0e0ed9bb7fbd87ebe630c32ef59659117d77ed8
2017-05-29bts: add remote_addr() functionNeels Hofmeyr2-6/+10
To start an MGCPGW, we so far need the BTS address in advance (should get fixed at some point, but so far we do). The sysmoBTS has a fixed IP address configured. The osmo-bts-trx so far always uses (should also be fixed at some point). Both now return this address with the remote_addr() function. This also replaces a SysmoBts.remote_addr member variable (which is not sufficient because it is only populated during configure()). Change-Id: I7af9275914f34808cb60ae16b65ecd3688fd6b5b
2017-05-29config: nitb template: move ip_address to nitb.ip_addressNeels Hofmeyr4-11/+11
It's the NITB's address, so it should go in the nitb.* scope. Change-Id: I71a5ef153b7156b0644253f5aa8a0c848f42ab3b
2017-05-29rename more items from nitb to bscNeels Hofmeyr4-27/+27
A NITB is a BSC + MSC, and if a BTS talks to a NITB, it talks to the BSC part of the NITB. Hence it makes more sense to name certain things 'bsc' instead of 'nitb', to prepare for a separate BSC process appearing soon. Change-Id: I6a0343b9243b166d4053cc44f523543f1245d772
2017-05-29rename resource nitb_iface to ip_addressNeels Hofmeyr17-59/+59
I would like to use the IP addresses also for OsmoBSC processes, so it is more than clear now that 'nitb_iface' was the wrong naming choice. The only distinction we may need in the future is public versus loopback interface. To add that, we may add a trait to the 'ip_address' resource like: ip_address: - addr: type: public - addr: type: loopback This way we can substitute public vs loopback addresses flexibly (e.g. using scenarios). Change-Id: I3ad583ae7a33f7a7bb56fe78a125f73c56a0e860
2017-05-29debug: config logging before templates: use pprint and an all-caps labelNeels Hofmeyr3-3/+8
Change-Id: I0e1c1d3ce8163d5b40c17b7d0fb0847a068ced76
2017-05-29nitb config: set: logging color 1, category 1Neels Hofmeyr2-4/+4
Change-Id: Icd9022f5732caac65d16fc49f2ed7833199523de
2017-05-29resource error logging that is easier to understandNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+20
Log what a suite requested, what it has reserved and the complete resource state. Change-Id: Ic6887bbe5fe74a73f0e344cd4078dd7ed989cc15
2017-05-25event_loop: Create a global event loop to poll and wait for eventsPau Espin Pedrol5-40/+84
Tweaked-by: nhofmeyr Change-Id: Iaa78bae0f053496377609b24a11ebaef3fd77598
2017-05-25resources.conf: remove unused example BTSNeels Hofmeyr1-17/+0
Change-Id: I370789a4dc048cf71c1951f2eb70bfec261583a2
2017-05-25remove bts_ocpthy.pyNeels Hofmeyr3-148/+4
We're not currently paying attention to the octphy in osmo-gsm-tester. So instead of maintaining dead code, remove the bts_octphy.py; we can re-add when the octphy is implemented properly. Change-Id: Ia5d5750d440ae7019634b51fa1efe7bbb2a1d1e2