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rename more items from nitb to bsc
A NITB is a BSC + MSC, and if a BTS talks to a NITB, it talks to the BSC part of the NITB. Hence it makes more sense to name certain things 'bsc' instead of 'nitb', to prepare for a separate BSC process appearing soon. Change-Id: I6a0343b9243b166d4053cc44f523543f1245d772
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diff --git a/example/defaults.conf b/example/defaults.conf
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--- a/example/defaults.conf
+++ b/example/defaults.conf
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ nitb:
auth_policy: closed
encryption: a5 0
location_area_code: 23
base_station_id_code: 63
stream_id: 255