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OsmoGSMTester: Update trial graph with current data
The osmo-bts-trx tgz doesn't exist anymore and it does not contain osmo-trx, which comes in its own tgz. Change-Id: Id803eca3791137b04bc24d195119d5c511fcfc49
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@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ digraph G {
subgraph cluster_trial {
label = "Trial (binaries)"
sysmo [label="\n(osmo-bts-sysmo\n+ deps\ncompiled for sysmoBTS)"]
- trx [label="\n(osmo-trx + osmo-bts-trx\n+ deps\ncompiled for main unit)"]
+ trx [label="\n(osmo-bts-octphy + osmo-bts-trx\n+ deps\ncompiled for main unit)"]
nitb [label="\n(osmo-nitb\n+ deps\ncompiled for main unit)"]
checksums [label="checksums.md5"]