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amarisoft_enb: add NR support
this patch adds the ability to configure NR cells with Amarisoft eNB. It adds the new DRB-NR template and updates the normal enb.cfg template to allow using it as LTE only or with NR cells (5G NSA). Change-Id: Ia27bbc6db5920ce14bacabe8043601aa2adaa5fe
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diff --git a/doc/examples/4g_srsLTE/defaults.conf b/doc/examples/4g_srsLTE/defaults.conf
index 4a3b4c4..1d1f286 100644
--- a/doc/examples/4g_srsLTE/defaults.conf
+++ b/doc/examples/4g_srsLTE/defaults.conf
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ enb:
mnc: 70
transmission_mode: 1
num_cells: 1
+ num_nr_cells: 0
enable_measurements: false
a1_report_type: rsrp
a1_report_value: -105