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OsmoGSMTester: Explain patchelf is used sometimes to modify RPATH
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Also, the binaries from a trial are never installed system-wide, but are run
with a specific 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH' pointing at the trial's 'inst', so that
-several trials can run consecutively without conflicting binary versions.
+several trials can run consecutively without conflicting binary versions. For
+some specific binaries which require extra permissions (such as osmo-bts-octphy
+requiring 'CAP_NET_RAW'), 'patchelf' program is used to modify the binary
+'RPATH' field instead because the OS dynamic linker skips 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH' for
+binaries with special permissions.
Once a test suite run is complete, all its reserved resources are torn down (if
the test scripts have not done so already), and the reservations are released