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refactor Makefile build rules, don't use the FORCE
The initial goal was to make sure we don't have overall FORCE rules causing unnecessary rebuilds -- annoying while writing documentation. As I looked through possible dependencies, I finally understood what's going on here. Remove code dup and nicely sort which belongs where in build/Makefile.*.inc. In each, describe in a top comment how to use it, and also unify how they are used: - Rename to and refactor - Add - Add Make sure that we accurately pick up all dependencies. Drop use of the macro called 'command', that silenced the actual command lines invoked and replaced them with short strings: it obscures what is actually going on and makes the Makefiles hard to read and understand. Each manual's makefile is greatly reduced to few definitions and a Makefile include, e.g. one for asciidoc, one for VTY reference. Move common/bsc_vty_additions.xml to OsmoBSC/vty/libbsc_vty_additions.xml, link from OsmoNITB. It applies only to OsmoBSC and OsmoNITB. Add a script that combines a VTY reference file with *all* additions files found in a manual's vty/ dir. Call this from Change-Id: I9758e04162a480e28c7dc83475b514cf7fd25ec0
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diff --git a/doc/manuals/Makefile b/doc/manuals/Makefile
index 79d414f..43c5a37 100644
--- a/doc/manuals/Makefile
+++ b/doc/manuals/Makefile
@@ -1,12 +1,7 @@
-TOPDIR := ..
-ASCIIDOCS := osmo-gsm-tester-manual
+TOPDIR = ..
+ASCIIDOC = osmo-gsm-tester-manual.adoc
+ASCIIDOC_DEPS = chapters/*.adoc
include $(TOPDIR)/build/
-include $(TOPDIR)/build/
-osmo-gsm-tester-manual.pdf: chapters/*.adoc
- -rm -rf $(cleanfiles)
- -rm osmo-gsm-tester-manual__*.svg
- -rm osmo-gsm-tester-manual__*.png
+include $(TOPDIR)/build/