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+==== 'state_dir'
+It contains global or system-wide state for osmo-gsm-tester. In a typical state
+dir you can find the following files:
+ Contains last used msisdn number, which is automatically increased every
+ time osmo-gsm-tester needs to assign a new subscriber in a test.
+ Lock file used to implement a mutual exclusion zone around the
+ 'reserved_resources.state' file.
+ File containing a set of reserved resources by any number of
+ osmo-gsm-tester instances. Each osmo-gsm-tester instance is responsible
+ to clear its resources from the list once it is done using them and are
+ no longer reserved.
If you would like to set up several separate configurations (not typical), note
that the 'state_dir' is used to reserve resources, which only works when all
configurations that share resources also use the same 'state_dir'.
+This way, several concurrent users of osmo-gsm-tester (ie. several
+osmo-gsm-tester processes running in parallel) can run without interfering with
+each other (e.g. using same ARFCN, same IP or same ofono modem path).
==== 'suites_dir'