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OsmoGSMTester: use proper systemd service names
* use osmo-bts-sysmo for sysmoBTS systemd service name which is available since 114293a414bd5b7c86622ec8c293c4034c80d243 * use osmo-pcu for OsmoPCU systemd service name which is available since 241f5bcb00f9c6fee4200a3aea9aa497bf0d3eee Change-Id: Ie017946b9099460ac6758ff84ec7a10df13390a1
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@@ -541,7 +541,7 @@ To use the SysmoBTS in the osmo-gsm-tester, the following systemd services must
be disabled:
-systemctl mask osmo-nitb sysmobts sysmopcu sysmobts-mgr
+systemctl mask osmo-nitb osmo-bts-sysmo osmo-pcu sysmobts-mgr
This stops the stock setup keeping the BTS in operation and hence allows the