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The original osmo-gsm-tester was an internal development at sysmocom, mostly by D. Laszlo Sitzer <dlsitzer@sysmocom.de>, of which this public osmo-gsm-tester is a refactoring / rewrite. This imports an early state of the refactoring and is not functional yet. Bits from the earlier osmo-gsm-tester will be added as needed. The earlier commit history is not imported.
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+SETTING UP sysmobts
+Depending on the code to be tested, select the stable, testing or nightly opkg
+To change the feed and packages installed on the sysmobts edit the
+following files in /etc/opkg/
+* all-feed.conf
+* armv5te-feed.conf
+* sysmobts-v2-feed.conf
+and adjust the URL. For example, to move to the testing feeds:
+ sed -i 's/201310/201310-testing/g' /etc/opkg/*.conf
+Then run 'opkg update', 'opkg upgrade' and finally 'reboot'.
+To use the sysmobts together with the tester, the following systemd services must be disabled
+but using the mask and not using the disable option. You can use the following lines:
+systemctl mask osmo-nitb
+systemctl mask sysmobts
+systemctl mask sysmobts-mgr
+Copy the SSH public key from the system/user that runs the tester to the BTS
+authorized keys file so the tester will be able to deploy binaries.
+It is also advisable to configure the eth0 network interface of the BTS to a
+static IP address instead of using DHCP. To do so adjust /etc/network/interfaces
+and change the line
+ iface eth0 inet dhcp
+ iface eth0 inet static
+ address
+ netmask
+ gateway
+Set the name server in /etc/resolve.conf (most likely to the IP of the
+In case a binary run for the test crashes, we allow it to write a core file, to
+be able to analyze the crash later. This requires a limit rule:
+ scp install/osmo-gsm-tester-limits.conf sysmobts:/etc/security/limits.d/