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Reserve ARFCN dynamically based on BTS band supportpespin/arfcn
Instead of statically specifying a band for a BTS to use, declare a list of supported bands for each BTS. At the time of BTS object creation, ask the BTS for band support and try to dynamically reserve an ARFCN resource which is compatible with any of the bands supported by the BTS. All this happens transparently to the test. Still, the test may want to use a specific band / arfcn. In this case, a test can use suite.reserve_arfcn(band, arfcn) to reserve a specific band/arfcn and pass that to the BTS at creation time, which will then use that one instead of trying to find a suitable one. It is left as future work to support BTs with multiple TRX, in which case several arfcn must be reserved. It should not be that difficult, mostly using "times: X" where X is the amount of trx, changing the API to use a list of arfcns and the configure() methods of the BTS. Related: OS#2230 Change-Id: I6fb5d95bed1fa50c3deaf62a7a6df3cb276bc3c9
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