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l1sap: fix incorrect pointer cast in l1sap_chan_act()HEADmaster
In [1] I introduced a regression, so osmo-bts started to complain: This PHY does not support lchan TSC 3 != BSIC-TSC 7 on channel activation, despite the TSC in RSL_IE_CHAN_IDENT was 7. The problem is that this statement: cd = (const struct gsm48_chan_desc *) TLVP_VAL(tp, RSL_IE_CHAN_IDENT) + 1; is basically equivalent to: cd = ((const struct gsm48_chan_desc *) TLVP_VAL(tp, RSL_IE_CHAN_IDENT)) + 1; so we actually shift the pointer by sizeof(struct gsm48_chan_desc) and skip 3 octets instead of just one (IEI octet). Fix this. Change-Id: Ic3a81396b60577e03c541d32839d07dc6d45c838 Fixes: [1] Id100f4c56fd5c1adad5d925d97240bed82981b9b Fixes: OS#5121
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