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ETWS Primary Notification via P1 Rest Octets
The ETWS (Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System) uses a so-called ETWS Primary Notification which is sent * to phones in dedicated mode (via DCCH from the BSC) * to phones in idle mode (via P1 Rest Octets on PCH/CCCH) This patch implements the second part of the functionality, i.e. transmitting the related ETWS Primary Notification via PCH. As 3GPP doesn't specify how this is communicated over Abis, we use a new, vendor-specific RSL message type. Closes: OS#4047 Depends: libosmocore I89c24a81ada6627694a9632e87485a61cbd3e680 Depends: libosmocore I36fc2ffc22728887d1cb8768c7fcd9739a8ec0fc Change-Id: I18c60cdb86b9c19e09f5ec06d66e9b91608880e6
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