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phy_link: Introduce bts_model_phy_link_close() and use it in bts-trx
This step is required while turning off the BTS without killing the process. Right now only osmo-bts-trx supports this feature, so this function is only available and used by osmo-bts-trx. Later on, when the feature is support more generally, we can move call to this function to common place like bts_shutdown_fsm or alike. Change-Id: I3253112700a31b85db82dc7ccadec8542bac745e
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@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ order to specify which PHY instance is allocated to this specific TRX.
| common | abis_open() | Start of the A-bis connection to BSC
| common | phy_links_open() | Iterate over list of configured PHY links
| bts-specific | bts_model_phy_link_open() | Open each of the configured PHY links
+| bts-specific | bts_model_phy_link_close() | Close each of the configured PHY links
| common | write_pid_file() | Generate the pid file
| common | osmo_daemonize() | Fork as daemon in background (if configured)
| common | bts_main() | Run main loop until global variable quit >= 2