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Rename osmo dyn ts enums to contain SDCCH8
They will gain support to be activated as SDCCH/8 soon too. Related: SYS#5309 Depends: libosmocore.git I56dcfe4d17899630b17f80145c3ced72f1e91e68 Change-Id: Ia617d20fc52f09dbab8f4516c06fa1efac08e898
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@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ Specific additions and limitations apply, see the linked sections.
==== Channel Activation
When used on a timeslot using the non-standard channel combination
-'NM_CHANC_OSMO_TCHFull_TCHHalf_PDCH' as configured by OML, the regular
+'NM_CHANC_OSMO_DYN' as configured by OML, the regular
RSL channel activation procedures can not only be used for activation
of circuit-switched channels, but also for activation of a PDCH.
@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ include::dyn_ts_ipa_style2.msc[]
==== Osmocom Style Dynamic Channels
This method is in use when OML uses
-'NM_CHANC_OSMO_TCHFull_TCHHalf_PDCH' (0x90) for the given time-slot.
+'NM_CHANC_OSMO_DYN' (0x90) for the given time-slot.
The activation of PDCH is performed by using the regular 'RSL CHANNEL ACTIVATE'
procedure according to <<CHANNEL_ACTIVATION>>, with these modifications: