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osmo-bts-trx: Use much lower clock advance values towards PCU and TRX
osmotrx fn-advance (which is the clock_advance variable here) and osmotrx rts-advance together make up the minimum delay the BTS can react to a channel request, etc. The default of 20 are around 92ms which is clearly too much. With modern hardware and using SCHED_RR a lower value should not be an issue. See OS#4487 for some related measurements on more CPU-limited devices like a LimeNet-micro3. Fixes: OS#4487 Fixes: SYS#4885 Related: SYS#4881 Change-Id: I7da3d0948f38e12342fb714b29f8edc5e9d0933d
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@@ -270,8 +270,7 @@ on a remote host will inevitably require a higher fn-advance than
running it on the same machine, where the UDP packets are just passed
over the loopback device.
-The default value for `fn-advance` is 20 (corresponding to 92
+The default value for `fn-advance` is 2 (corresponding to 9.2 milliseconds).
===== `osmotrx rts-advance <0-30>`
@@ -290,7 +289,7 @@ reported on L1SAP to higher layers will be computed as follows:
N + fn-advance + rts-advance
-The default value of `rts-advance` is 5 (corresponding to 23 milliseconds).
+The default value of `rts-advance` is 3 (corresponding to 14 milliseconds).
Do not change this unless you have a good reason!
===== `osmotrx rx-gain <0-50>`