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authorHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger@moiji-mobile.com>2014-05-25 13:42:13 +0200
committerHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger@moiji-mobile.com>2014-05-25 13:48:33 +0200
commit0e2b6244184a1c030252667765a0587073575d23 (patch)
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sysmobts: Revert all sysmobts-mgr related changes
Harald is right and that the code is generally not ready for inclusion. I fell victim of trying to finish it while the code is not ready at all. It is better to re-introduce the patches in a smaller and more tested way. The right way would have been a branch were ready things are split-off the main/wip commit until everything is ready. Revert "sysmobts: Have a common prefix for the enum" This reverts commit 44980347f308fe5bbe48a933dbc81b82b53d310a. Revert "utils: Used the enum manuf_type_id in the parameter of add_manufacturer_id_label" This reverts commit 7d36e5ed46b630203167fc9d5d28e0087fdbd394. Revert "utils: Classify the OML message using the return type" This reverts commit afee0b7929a00500f9c204f3bc7e12f72451e832. Revert "sysmobts: Do not access out of bound string" This reverts commit f5f41e805195c8c3294a9e6a68b10f975fbabbbd. Revert "sysmobts: Separate IPA and OML check into two methods" This reverts commit 13a224063dfcee0be529fba1c8fb9be9c1fb261e. Revert "screenrc: osmobts-mgr now needs a config file" This reverts commit 0a1699ff8a5462c167c24e8b28186abb26331698. Revert "make sure osmobts-mgr.cfg file is included in tarballs" This reverts commit 14c60b425f8146f6a392d2d3de2979c817cd975e. Revert "sysmobts-mgr: Add VTY support for configuring it" This reverts commit c5fedd24c96a4ef6d7a0c0ed3c70d6ef0abd5c17. Revert "sysmobts: Add beginnings of an OML router and create Failure Messages in the sysmobts-manager" This reverts commit c6ab90b27006ff2d1fdfb0b1d7fc01e1dd4a696d.
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diff --git a/Makefile.am b/Makefile.am
index 08375592..733e80f6 100644
--- a/Makefile.am
+++ b/Makefile.am
@@ -11,5 +11,4 @@ EXTRA_DIST = \
contrib/sysmobts-calib/sysmobts-calib.c \
contrib/sysmobts-calib/sysmobts-layer1.c \
contrib/sysmobts-calib/sysmobts-layer1.h \
- doc/examples/osmo-bts.cfg \
- doc/examples/osmobts-mgr.cfg
+ doc/examples/osmo-bts.cfg