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common/scheduler.c: refactor description of TRXC_* lchans
Let's avoid fancy alignment in the description of logical channels for the benefits of having better readability, the ability to add more comments and fields without making it look ugly. Get rid of value-string array 'trx_chan_type_names', since each logical channel has its name defined in 'trx_chan_desc'. Get rid of field 'chan' of 'trx_lchan_desc' structure since it's not used anywhere, and not actually needed because the position of each lchan description is defined by its TRXC_* type. Replace both 'pdch' and 'auto_active' fields with more generic bitmask field called 'flags', and define the following flags: - TRX_CHAN_FLAG_AUTO_ACTIVE, - TRX_CHAN_FLAG_PDCH. Use RSL channel mode #defines from libosmogsm instead of having hard-coded numbers. This increases readability. As a bonus, let's add a human readable description to each lchan definition, so it can be printed in the VTY some day. Change-Id: I9d5d49ec569f133d37b8164b22607d4700474315 Backported from: I2fc61e1cdca4690a34e2861b9ee3b7c64ea64843 I7ab4958801b3422973b67ff0452b90afa8a3f501
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