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power_control.c: Clarify loop algo vars and use correct ones during logHEADmaster
Rename some variables so that: * Variables containing power control levels end up with "_lvl". * Variables containing power levels end up with _dbm. * Move old current_dbm var to be ms_dbm, to match its power control level counterpart ms_power_lvl, and add current_dbm to match its counterpart ns_power_ctrl.current. Now that variables are more clear, it also becomes clear that old "diff > 0" condition, apart from difficult, was currently wrong, since in order to print the raise/low verb we want to compare between old and new values, not between received and new values. Let's fix that in this same commit. Change-Id: I4e279a6b93fbcc5da25bf8c9213310939fd493ce
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