BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fairwaves/productionrelease 1.2.0-fw.2Kirill Zakharenko7 months
laforge/tmpBump version: → 1.2.1Harald Welte6 months
laforge/usdtinitial support for static userspace probes via systemtapHarald Welte4 months
masterpaging: refactor and optimize fill_paging_type_1()Vadim Yanitskiy5 days
neels/ho_sacchgitignore build-*Neels Hofmeyr8 weeks
neels/pre_sapi_fixlc15-mgr: generate coredump and exit upon SIGABRT receivedPau Espin Pedrol8 weeks
neels/testwipNeels Hofmeyr7 weeks
pespin/masterIntroduce NM Channel FSMPau Espin Pedrol4 months
pmaier/hacksmeasurement: count measurements for FACCH/H twice.Philipp Maier3 months
pmaier/testfacchfixPhilipp Maier3 months
1.2.2commit 76163d4271...Pau Espin Pedrol4 months
1.2.1commit d39a3a3899...Harald Welte6 months
fairwaves/1.2.0-fw.2commit 1f03c7cd14...Kirill Zakharenko7 months
fairwaves/1.2.0-fw.1commit 50c40dc730...Kirill Zakharenko9 months
1.2.0commit ee8f4b0a91...Pau Espin Pedrol13 months
1.1.0commit ca8aa07127...Pau Espin Pedrol18 months
1.0.1commit b282dff1c2...Pau Espin Pedrol22 months
1.0.0commit d785da5943...Harald Welte2 years
0.8.1commit 33da462a2b...Pau Espin Pedrol3 years
0.8.0commit e25d00f10a...Pau Espin Pedrol3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 dayspaging: refactor and optimize fill_paging_type_1()HEADmasterVadim Yanitskiy1-16/+18
7 dayscontrib/jenkins: don't build osmo-gsm-manualsOliver Smith1-1/+0
7 dayspower_control: BS power shall not be reduced on C0Vadim Yanitskiy1-1/+2
8 daysl1sap: use rxlev_full when no DTX was usedPhilipp Maier1-1/+11
8 daysl1sap: acch_repetition fix hysthereis threshold tablePhilipp Maier1-4/+8
12 dayspower_control: rework handling of DL RxQual measurementsVadim Yanitskiy4-70/+98
12 dayspower_control: use more reasonable reduce step sizeVadim Yanitskiy7-85/+124
13 dayspower_control: properly track the first initial stateVadim Yanitskiy2-1/+3
13 dayspower_control: generalize measurement pre-processing stateVadim Yanitskiy3-22/+35
13 dayspower_control: migrate MS/BS control loops to the new paramsVadim Yanitskiy14-154/+182