BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
daniel/oc2gdoc/examples: Install OC2G config files with autotoolsDaniel Willmann3 weeks
laforge/omlOML: Ensure minimum required attributes are set before accepting OPSTARTHarald Welte7 days
masterEnable statsd supportMax40 hours
pespin/gpsdsysmobts_mgr: Add support for gpsd < 2.39Pau Espin Pedrol2 months
pespin/pdch-deact-ack-trxbts-trx: (n)ack PDCH DEACT only after TRX answered SETSLOTPau Espin Pedrol3 months
pespin/ttcn3WIPPau Espin Pedrol4 months
pmaier/first_fnscheduler_trx: use stored block fn instead of calculating it.Philipp Maier3 weeks
pmaier/first_fn2scheduler_trx: use stored fn for pdtch data indicationsPhilipp Maier5 days
pmaier/omlfixupPhilipp Maier9 days
pmaier/omlhackoc2g: l1if: delay trx initialization to avoid race conditionPhilipp Maier8 days
1.0.0commit d785da5943...Harald Welte4 weeks
0.8.1commit 33da462a2b...Pau Espin Pedrol9 months
0.8.0commit e25d00f10a...Pau Espin Pedrol10 months
0.7.0commit a5ed03fe5c...Harald Welte16 months
fairwaves/0.5.0-fw.3commit e70baa8e26...Ivan Kluchnikov18 months
0.6.0commit 1283e3d543...Max18 months
fairwaves/0.5.0-fw.2commit 214a69a7a0...Ivan Kluchnikov24 months
fairwaves/0.5.0-fw.1commit b7a6427a89...Ivan Kluchnikov2 years
fairwaves/0.3.0-fw.7commit c0299e32d3...Kirill Zakharenko2 years
0.4.0commit f1fb0fa3af...Harald Welte3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
40 hoursEnable statsd supportHEADmasterMax2-0/+4
4 daysscheduler_trx: use stored fn for pdtch data indicationsPhilipp Maier1-1/+1
5 daysLog lchan kind on PCU-related errorMax1-2/+2
6 daysosmo-bts-trx: add extended (11-bit) RACH supportMax1-10/+38
7 daysOML: Work around OsmoBSC sending "GET ATTRIBUTES" with short lengthHarald Welte1-4/+11
7 daysOML: Properly reject short messages and truncate over-long messagesHarald Welte1-0/+23
7 daysOML: Reject segmented OML messagesHarald Welte1-1/+9
7 daysOML: Use 'const struct abis_oml_mo *' whenever users only readHarald Welte2-22/+22
7 daysOML: Report short messages even for invalid TRX numbers in down_fom()Harald Welte1-5/+3
7 daysOML: Reduce code duplication in down_mom/down_fomHarald Welte1-18/+10