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2 dayssi2quater: fix budget calculation for multiple EARFCNsHEADmasterNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+9
In rest_octets.c append_earfcn(), the unconditional bits added are 40, not 25. Removing only 25 bits from the budget resulted in malformed SI2quater starting with 4 configured EARFCNs, by adding more EARFCNs than fit in 20 bits. These malformed SI2quater were also expected in gsm0408_test.c. Update the expected SI2quater to what is being generated now. This patch passes the ttcn3 testing added in I45382f88686ca60e68569e93569fc4cfb63a0e0d, which provides some confidence that the coding expected in gsm0408_test.c is now correct. Related: OS#4652 Change-Id: I5df269f713456a6ccbb874d6b7faac4a6f123c67
5 daysgsm_04_08_rr: fix hopping parameters in RR Assignment CommandVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+9
According to 3GPP TS 44.018, section, if at least one of the Channel Description IEs indicates frequency hopping, one and only one of the following IEs shall be present: - Mobile Allocation, after time (see; - Frequency List, after time (see For some reason, osmo-bsc includes the GSM48_IE_MA_BEFORE instead of GSM48_IE_MA_AFTER - fix this. According to section of the same document, if any of the Mobile Allocation IEs (before/after time) is present, then the network must ensure that either the MS has already received the the proper reference cell frequency list (CA), or that the Cell Channel Description IE (see is present. Without this IE, the phone I was using in my testing setup sends RR Status message with cause #100 "conditional IE error". Fortunately, we already have generate_cell_chan_list(), since we also need to include the Cell Channel Description in SI Type 1. Change-Id: I43ef66c109b107ebcaa1cb6197637701b13b3787 Related: SYS#4868, OS#4545, OS#4546
5 daysgenerate_ma_for_ts(): constify per cell/timeslot ARFCN bit-vectorsVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
Change-Id: If750003beb8653cf67fd192fa5c16343138155c9
5 dayssystem_information: constify bitvec in freq. list encoding APIVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+3
Change-Id: I95f3a89af16e4a6b4aa1a6a48cf0d0c023f26170
5 dayssystem_information: publicly declare generate_cell_chan_list()Vadim Yanitskiy3-5/+3
Change-Id: Idc7a9ed558ed6897e15a0f6d3c23418db7cee0d0
6 dayscreate ASP+AS only once per cs7 instanceNeels Hofmeyr1-86/+140
Refactor osmo_bsc_sigtran_init(): invoke osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id() exactly once per cs7 instance. When introducing MSC pooling to the ttcn3-bsc-tests, it became apparent that osmo-bsc rapidly huts down and re-creates the SCTP link for each configured MSC. This manifested in an osmo-stp crash (fixed in libosmo-sccp I9b3ae6dfcf6efeabb7fb6c33503d1d7924fec2fa). I first tried to fix it by only restarting an ASP when it wasn't found in the AS yet, but that created obscure problems described in OS#4635 which in turn completely broke ttcn3-msc-tests. This solution keeps osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id() unchanged and instead invokes it exactly once per cs7 instance. Keep the same auto-config logic, but change and improve the mechanisms to achieve it: Replace the fail_on_next_invalid_cfg flag with a more accurate check against remote PC collisions between configured MSCs. Before this patch, the code made sure that at most one MSC lacks an explicit remote address (and cs7 instance), so that no two MSCs get the same default remote PC. This patch more accurately checks that no two MSCs use the same remote PC on the same cs7 instance, period, whether implicitly or explicitly configured. Before this patch, the logic amounted to creating cs7 instance 0 implicitly, but it was not very obvious: If an 'msc' has an msc-addr configured, it is associated with the cs7 instance that has this addr in its address book. If it has no msc-addr configured, then msc->a.cs7_instance_valid == false. In that case, msc->a.cs7_instance is still 0 (from talloc_zero) and hence osmo_sccp_simple_client_on_ss7_id(ss7_id = 0) created cs7 instance 0. In this patch, that logic remains unchanged, but is written out more explicitly: if any msc has no cs7 instance associated, make sure to create cs7 instance 0 beforehand. Then iterate all osmo_ss7_instances. If at least one MSC uses it, set up the SCCP client on it and connect all MSCs as appropriate. Related: OS#4625 OS#4635 Change-Id: I16f4f7f447f69525a2f57c4649ab295112904d6a
7 daysvty: check with is_ipaccess_bts() before using IPACCPhilipp Maier1-1/+7
The IPACC protocol is an extension to the conventional RSL protocol to negotiate ip address and port for RTP/VoIP. This protocol is BTS specific (sysmobts, ip-access nanobts) and not used with E1 BTSs The bsc VTY is able to trigger certain IPACC functions for debug purposes. Some of those commands do not check if the BTS is really of type IP-access before trying to send an IPACC command. Let's add checks to prevent IPACC messages to be sent to E1 or otherwise incompatible BTSs models. Change-Id: I9ee78b6b1d342abaccc09a87dee6af79e76e5468 Related: OS#2547
9 daysabis_rsl: Mobile Allocation IE in CHANnel ACTIVation shall be emptyVadim Yanitskiy1-5/+4
According to 3GPP TS 48.058 (version 15.0.0), section 9.3.5, the 3GPP TS 24.008 "Mobile Allocation" shall for compatibility reasons be included but empty, i.e. the length shall be zero. Therefore, no matter if frequency hopping is in use or not, send it empty. Change-Id: Ie224a45f10522332eac653fa371564f022108c3f Related: OS#4545, OS#4546
14 dayslchan_rtp_fsm: fix out_state_maskPhilipp Maier1-0/+1
In the state LCHAN_RTP_ST_WAIT_MGW_ENDPOINT_CONFIGURED, the event LCHAN_RTP_EV_ROLLBACK is allowed and also handled in the action callback, which causes a change to LCHAN_RTP_ST_ROLLBACK. However, LCHAN_RTP_ST_ROLLBACK is missing from the out_state_mask. Change-Id: Ifca3892901c8389beee6e4f0fea03c33cfbdc265
14 daysvty/bts_resend_cmd: Use gsm_bts_set_system_infos() to increment changemarkHarald Welte1-3/+1
We assume the SI shall be re-sent because something has changed. This means that change_mark should be incremented. Let's call gsm_bts_set_system_infos() which already does the trick. Change-Id: I73d9bd3cddc561f3a7af8bcc225fac126dca3f78 Closes: OS#3679
2020-06-24fix segfault introduced by recent segfault fixNeels Hofmeyr1-9/+12
This recently merged patch introduced a new bad segfault in bsc_compl_l3() by dereferencing conn->sccp.msc before it was set to the actual msc pointer: commit 6281d4f8692729dc0022ea7a6a2068972d58e9b6 "fix crashes due to OSMO_ASSERT(conn->lchan)" Change-Id Id681dfb0ad654bdb4b71805d1ad4f39a8bf6bbd1 Fix that by moving the new checks back further down in bsc_compl_l3(), to where conn->sccp.msc actually points at the msc. Change-Id: Ic5832da7c58fce583caa504a90f18c334fc234f2
2020-06-23Avoid selecting channels from administratively locked trxPau Espin Pedrol3-8/+8
Found while playing with "rf_locked 1" on a 2TRX setup with channel allocator descend. After applying the setting, the 1st TRX is still used to allocate the channels. After this patch is applied, the BSC correctly allocates channels from TRX0. Change-Id: I5201d2749363c9cbd0706177bde09117b163cbe3
2020-06-23fix crashes due to OSMO_ASSERT(conn->lchan)Vadim Yanitskiy8-24/+70
Starting from ttcn3-bsc-test-sccplite build #777, it was noticed that osmo-bsc crashes with the following message: Assert failed conn->lchan include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h:1376 The cause of this is a recently merged patch that calls conn_get_bts() during assignment_fsm rate counter dispatch: "Count assignment rates per BTS as well" commit b5ccf09fc4042c7fb1fdaaa6263961c40b32564e Change-Id I0009e51d4caf68e762138d98e2e23d49acc3cc1a The root cause being that the assignment_fsm attempts to count an Assignment event for a BTS after the lchan has already been released and disassociated from the conn. The assertion is found in conn_get_bts(), which is used in various places. In fact, each caller is a potential DoS risk -- though most are in code paths that are guaranteed to have an lchan and bts present, having an OSMO_ASSERT() on the relatively volatile presence of an lchan is not a good idea for osmo-bsc's stability and error resilience. - Change conn_get_bts() to return NULL in the lack of an lchan. - Adjust all callers of conn_get_bts() to gracefully handle a NULL return val. - Same for cgi_for_msc() and callers, closely related. Here is a backtrace: Program received signal SIGABRT pwndbg> bt 0x0000555555be6e52 in conn_get_bts (conn=0x622000057160) at include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h:1376 0x0000555555c1edc8 in assignment_fsm_timer_cb (fi=0x612000060220) at assignment_fsm.c:758 0x00007ffff72b1104 in fsm_tmr_cb (data=0x612000060220) at libosmocore/src/fsm.c:325 0x00007ffff72ab062 in osmo_timers_update () at libosmocore/src/timer.c:257 0x00007ffff72ab5d2 in _osmo_select_main (polling=0) at libosmocore/src/select.c:260 0x00007ffff72abd2f in osmo_select_main_ctx (polling=<optimized out>) at libosmocore/src/select.c:291 0x0000555555e1b81b in main (argc=3, argv=0x7fffffffe1b8) at osmo_bsc_main.c:953 0x00007ffff6752002 in __libc_start_main () from /usr/lib/libc.so.6 0x0000555555b61bbe in _start () In the case of the assignment_fsm counter, we now miss a chance to increase a BTS counter for a failed Assignment, but this is a separate problem. The main point of this patch is that osmo-bsc must not crash. Related: OS#4620, OS#4619 Patch-by: fixeria Tweaked-by: neels Fixes: I0009e51d4caf68e762138d98e2e23d49acc3cc1a Change-Id: Id681dfb0ad654bdb4b71805d1ad4f39a8bf6bbd1
2020-06-21system_information: Set BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION in SI13 for osmo-btsHarald Welte2-0/+6
osmo-bts (in combination with osmo-pcu) has been supporting paging for CS services via PCU/PACCH for a very long time. Let's make sure this is reflected by the correct BSS_PAGING_COORDINATION bit. Change-Id: I0e80ca5afc06737273b6699bde6e325e454b57f6 Requires: libosmocore.git Ifb2e83eaf05dd36e5b203ed2de1a74864b039e38 Related: OS#2406
2020-06-21vty: hide 'mscpool roundrobin next'Neels Hofmeyr1-7/+7
The 'mscpool roundrobin next' command is intended for use only by ttcn3 tests. Hide it. Change-Id: Ie8799b61b74cfb34acd5aa4aeb1fb69ae7d216e2
2020-06-21Count RSL DELETE INDICATION received from BTSHarald Welte1-2/+2
If the BTS downlink CCCH (PCH + AGCH) queue is full, it sends us an RSL DELETE INDICATION. So far, osmo-bsc logs this as <0004> abis_rsl.c:2026 Unimplemented Abis RSL TRX message type 0x14 which is not very helpful. Instead, make the log message more descriptive and add a rate counter for monitoring. Change-Id: I9bd2966db90e39ccca442d6bc9abc91e9a9147d4 Closes: OS#3190
2020-06-21bs11_config: Print "Not Equipped" for MBCCU (TRX) that don't existHarald Welte1-0/+1
Particularly on BS-11 with only one TRX installed, this will improve the output of bs11_config from PHASE: 2 Load MBCCU MBCCU0: Load BTSDRX MBCCU1: unknown 0x8 Abis-link: Down to Change-Id: I10a77315d537681985f8390b838a4cabfb7d27f3 PHASE: 2 Load MBCCU MBCCU0: Load BTSDRX MBCCU1: Not equipped Abis-link: Down
2020-06-21[cosmetic] system_information: Values are not guesses; more commentsHarald Welte1-3/+2
Change-Id: I978fbcd0c82658444b7603b082c236d23b0fa04b
2020-06-19merge files: absorb osmo_bsc_vty.c into bsc_vty.cNeels Hofmeyr3-1032/+976
For historical reasons we had bsc_vty.c and osmo_bsc_vty.c. Ever since the osmo-nitb split, there is no reason to keep these files separate. Merge osmo_bsc_vty.c into bsc_vty.c (because osmo_bsc_vty.c is smaller). I noticed this particularly because adding the NRI configuration required adding things like #define NRI_STR in two separate files: once for the 'network' level vty, and once for the 'msc' level. Change-Id: I7fd2ee631b22e38f3d96d8159dc1deaaca6a7013
2020-06-19bsc: Allow setting negative nominal tx power through VTYPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Some SDRs may provide tx power below 0 dBm on some bands. Related: OS#4583 Change-Id: Ia53c303d1bea23e219de42e1242cb8a5b357a2ae
2020-06-18abis_nm: fix length indicator in Set Channel AttributesVadim Yanitskiy1-5/+6
This message may contain optional IEs (HSN, MAIO, ARFCN list), so we cannot know the final length in advance. Let's set both msg->{l2h,l3h} pointers and use msgb_l3len() to get the length. Change-Id: I948ad4b847921324794a6eabd95d5583324da6e4 Related: OS#4545
2020-06-18abis_nm: fix ARFCN list encoding in Set Channel AttributesVadim Yanitskiy1-11/+28
3GPP TS 12.21 defines coding of 'ARFCN List' attribute as follows: +---------------------------+--------------------+ | Attribute Identifier | 1st octet | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | Length | 2-3 octets | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ARFCN1 | 4-5 octets | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ... | ... | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ARFCNn | (n * 2 - 3) octets | +---------------------------+--------------------+ so this is basically TL16V, where L16 is the length of V. In the Siemens dialect of OML coding rules are different though: +---------------------------+--------------------+ | Attribute Identifier | 1st octet | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ARFCN count | 2nd octet | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ARFCN1 | 4-5 octets | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ... | ... | +---------------------------+--------------------+ | ARFCNn | (n * 2 - 2) octets | +---------------------------+--------------------+ so this is TCV, where C is the amount of ARFCNs in V. This change fixes encoding of 'ARFCN List' for other dialects, in particular encoding of the 'Length' field (1 vs 2 octets). I verified the results in Wireshark (generic 3GPP TS 12.21 and ip.access dialect), everything looks good. Change-Id: Iec1826f55459ac8e9355328a1a6bb0949874db60 Related: OS#4545
2020-06-17MSC pooling: add rate countersNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+50
Tests for these counters are added in I2006f1def5352b4b73d0159bfcaa2da9c64bfe3f (osmo-ttcn3-hacks). Change-Id: I2ded757958dfa62b502efbab765203bcadf899e2
2020-06-17debug: log about matching Paging Response to earlier PagingNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+8
Change-Id: I277d3236686dd5a5a21113ef2ddfd29341190086
2020-06-17log: add MSC number to bsc_subscr_conn_fsm idNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+4
Change-Id: Iae232d0616d6c0009e3abe2dcfcb9c51ddfc761e
2020-06-17vty: add 'mscpool roundrobin next' for ttcn3 testsNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+13
In the ttcn3 tests, the MSC round robin algorithm is affected by what tests ran before, so an osmo-bsc test needs this to reset the round robin to get predictable behavior to test against. Change-Id: I2155d906505a26744966f442ffb1e87a6a9b494c
2020-06-17MSC pooling: add 'no allow-attach' for MSC off-loadingNeels Hofmeyr3-1/+40
As in 3GPP TS 23.236, to offload an MSC, the BSC must be able to avoid attaching new subscribers to it: 4.5a.1: "UEs being moved from one CN node are stopped from registering to the same CN node again by an O&M command in BSCs and RNCs connected to the pool." Change-Id: I6249201c15d0f6565aca643c21d2375c9ca58584
2020-06-17MSC pooling: LU: ignore TMSI NRI from a different PLMNNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+49
Change-Id: Iac1158cff022b6365ce22bb70feaaff93e39172a
2020-06-17MSC pooling: implement NAS node selection by NRI from TMSINeels Hofmeyr1-3/+42
If applicable, choose MSC from NRI, extracted from TMSI MI. Change-Id: Ifbdea197b26e88751a391c8a80c41f04e7d5e047
2020-06-17MSC pooling: make NRI mappings VTY configurableNeels Hofmeyr4-1/+210
Use the osmo_nri_ranges API to manage each MSC's NRI ranges by VTY configuration. Change-Id: I6c251f2744d7be26fc4ad74adefc96a6a3fe08b0
2020-06-16tweak log category for Compl L3 errorNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
At this time, no MSC has been selected for handling this subscriber, so DMSC is clearly the wrong logging category. Change-Id: I9c6373e5f28c9c69a0609889188ef28ade11da3d
2020-06-16use osmo_mobile_identity API everywhereNeels Hofmeyr5-50/+61
Depends: If4f7be606e54cfa1c59084cf169785b1cbda5cf5 (libosmocore) Change-Id: I71c3b4c65dbfdfa51409e09d4868aea83225338a
2020-06-16remove extract_sub(), add bsc_subscr_find_or_create_by_mi()Neels Hofmeyr3-54/+50
Use the new osmo_mobile_identity API to shed some code dup and simplify. gsm48_paging_extract_mi() is now unused, drop. (More refactoring to use osmo_mobile_identity follows in subsequent patch.) Depends: If4f7be606e54cfa1c59084cf169785b1cbda5cf5 (libosmocore) Change-Id: Id6cccaac64392b737b3bba8f3a22a88009adb23b
2020-06-16osmo-bsc main: exit on cmdline option errorNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+3
Change-Id: I7c3432790a77ae9081d2c458ee9f598e435e089d
2020-06-16add osmo-bsc --vty-ref-xml: dump VTY ref XML to stdoutNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+12
Add only a long option to not clutter the cmdline namespace. To add a long option without a short letter is slightly complex: use the 'flag' and 'val' mechanism as in 'man 3 getopt' to write an option index to long_option. Depends: Ic74bbdb6dc5ea05f03c791cc70184861e39cd492 (libosmocore) Change-Id: I316efedb2c1652791434ecf14a1e261367cd2fb7
2020-06-16Count assignment rates per BTS as wellDaniel Willmann1-13/+15
This adds the assignment counters for the BTS as well and changes the assignment_count() macro to increase both the counters for the BSC as well as the BTS. Related: SYS#4877 Change-Id: I0009e51d4caf68e762138d98e2e23d49acc3cc1a
2020-06-16abis_rsl: Count successful channel requestsDaniel Willmann1-1/+7
Ticket: SYS#4877 Change-Id: I5c51956569223e802f4789dc5ed1605d18f80aea
2020-06-10refactor bsc_find_msc()'s round-robinNeels Hofmeyr1-59/+66
Prepare for MSC pooling by NRI. Before introducing actual NRI decoding and MSC matching, fix the bsc_find_msc() implementation. (Indicate the places relevant for NRI by "TODO" comments). bsc_find_msc() puts an MSC to the end of the internal list of MSCs when it was used. This has problems: - Modifying the list affects VTY output, e.g. 'show running-config' and 'show mscs' change their order in which MSCs are shown, depending on how often a round-robin selection has taken place. - Emergency calls and normal calls potentially pick quite different sets of eligible MSCs. When the round-robin choices between these sets affect each other, the choice is not balanced. For example, if only the first MSC is allow_emerg == true, every emergency call would reset the round-robin state to the first MSC in the list, also for normal calls. If there are regular emergency calls, normal calls will then tend to load more onto the first few MSCs after those picked for emergency calls. Fix: Never affect the ordering of MSCs in the internal list of MSCs. Instead, keep a "next_nr" MSC index and determine the next round-robin target like that. Keep a separate "next_emerg_nr" MSC index so that emergency call round-robin does no longer cause normal round-robin to skip MSCs. Further problems in current bsc_find_msc(): - The "blind:" label should also do round-robin. - The "paging:" part should not attempt to use disconnected MSCs. - Both should also heed NRI matches (when they are added). Fix: instead of code dup, determine Paging Response matching with an earlier Paging Request right at the start. If that yields no usable MSC, continue into the normal NRI and round-robin selection. The loop in this patch is inspired by the upcoming implementation of MSC pooling by NRI, as indicated by the two TODO comments. The point is that, in the presence of an NRI from a TMSI identity, we always need to iterate all of the MSCs to find possible NRI matches. The two round-robin sets (Emergency and non-Emergency) are determined in the same loop iteration for cases that have no or match no NRI, or where a matching MSC is currently disconnected. Change-Id: Idf71f07ba5a17d5b870dc1a5a2875b6fedb61291
2020-06-08osmo-bsc: Use designated initializer in bts_stat_descDaniel Willmann1-24/+45
Change-Id: Ic29f3a7e6fb16955bc74cc163d45a243b373183a
2020-06-03is_cm_service_for_emerg(): return false, not 0Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ife25ed26214abf7aea95b0b7943d9fa585868529
2020-06-03cosmetic: tweak rc type of is_cm_service_for_emerg()Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id752d3882645708b5b8e1058b6799d3d285286c4
2020-06-03create only one SCCP user per SCCP instanceNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+6
Depends: I9ecbab16b45268f626950303d6ff8296dd6acda0 (libosmo-sccp) Change-Id: I6a2710edeb9ba047ae70e6b49d4c2e5f06d41a4e
2020-06-03CTRL: determine MSC connection status from RESET-ACK, not AS_ACTIVENeels Hofmeyr1-10/+2
Change-Id: I264ba6a72ea93297cfbc99602eccfbf4a890f703
2020-06-03abis_nm: fix: properly truncate feature vector reported by BTSVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+4
The value of the feature vector can not only be greater, but also shorter than size of the buffer! This would potentially result in a buffer overrun. Let's fix this. Change-Id: I65e3228022865ea73de2e4821985df3097b9448b
2020-06-03abis_nm: cosmetic: use sizeof() for printing buffer sizeVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
Change-Id: I14be343578a64c1e4ce8ce4d28da9008eb309f3c
2020-06-03abis_nm: cosmetic: add curly braces to complex 'if' statementsVadim Yanitskiy1-5/+10
Change-Id: I74fbb46920c74a194c296feeeb1bb086fcbd572f
2020-05-31bsc_bts_alloc_register(): fix possible NULL-pointer dereferenceVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+1
Change-Id: I4560a7037a0a016636c4626c9fb3ceddfe98058e
2020-05-31bts_sysmobts: fix: properly zero-initialize the feature vectorVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
The last argument must be size of buffer, not size of size! Change-Id: I6539a3c9829d4f74a18b1cc2aa522c69ff8e638d
2020-05-31bts_unknown: fix: properly initialize the feature vectorVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+6
This is unlikely to cause any problems, but having a NULL-pointer that can potentially be dereferenced is dangerous. Fix this. Change-Id: Icf594604f69023d1483e897edb811e51774b5b8e
2020-05-29flatten: move network->bsc_data->* to network->*Neels Hofmeyr12-82/+55
The separate struct osmo_bsc_data is like another separate struct gsm_network for no reason. It is labeled "per-BSC data". These days, all of this is a single BSC and there will not be different sets of osmo_bsc_data. Drop struct osmo_bsc_data, move its members directly into gsm_network. Some places tested 'if (net->bsc_data)', which is always true. Modify those cases to rather do checks like 'if (net->rf_ctrl)', which are also always true AFAICT, to keep as much unmodified logic as possible in this patch. Change-Id: Ic7ae65e3b36e6e4b279eb01ad594f1226b5929e0