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2018-07-24BTS codec pref legacy compat: allow all codecs per defaultneels/codec-prefNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+14
Legacy compat: we used to not check the BTS codec-pref settings upon assignment until we added checks for the BTS codec-pref in osmo-bsc 5bc43cd107597b78f701f77c7fd4cce8f923dce5, change-id I285234e9c81de74d9fb9907fca2c443b08537435, "codec_pref: check bts codec support". From that commit onwards, config setups without a 'codec-pref' potentially stop working (like all osmo-gsm-tester runs just did), because with no codec-pref settings, now only FR is permitted, while before the patch, we would allow any codecs as long as MSC and the overall BSC config agree on them. So, upon BTS initialization, enable all codecs. These get reset to a more fine grained selection IF a 'codec-pref' appears in the config file (see bsc_vty.c). Change-Id: I4650a1f8e350c6f74f48391f43ddfe771be01e1b
2018-07-23various logging: fix missing/extra newlinesNeels Hofmeyr5-9/+9
Change-Id: Id2619d0d45eb2686246c03643b4a578392a54cfe
2018-07-23hodec2 log: less verbose, more concise loggingNeels Hofmeyr4-222/+81
Drop numerous log statements that merely bloat the ho decision log. Logging HO candidates: log more compact in a single line, do not use LOGPC and multiline output. The result is more useful information in a quarter of the log lines. LOGPHOLCHAN(), LOGPHOLCHANTOBTS(): - log lchan->type instead of lchan->ts->pchan - always log the speech mode ===== Before ===== DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1131 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) MEASUREMENT REPORT (1 neighbors) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1136 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) 0: arfcn=871 bsic=63 neigh_idx=0 rxlev=30 flags=0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:261 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) neigh 871 rxlev=30 last_seen_nr=3 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1158 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) HODEC2: evaluating measurement report DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1175 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Measurement report: average RX level = -110 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1190 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Virtually improving RX level from -110 to -105, due to AFS bias DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1220 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Attempting handover/assignment due to low rxlev DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:899 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Collecting candidates for Assignment and Handover DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:407 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) tch_mode='SPEECH_AMR' type='TCH_F' DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:313 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) FR3 supported DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:313 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) HR3 supported DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:489 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) removing TCH/F, already on TCH/F in this cell DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:573 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/H would not be congested after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:605 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/H would not be less congested in target than source cell after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:609 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) requirements=0x30 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:704 - current BTS 0, RX level -110 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:707 o free TCH/F slots 3, minimum required 0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:709 o free TCH/H slots 4, minimum required 0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:714 o no requirement fulfilled for TCHF (no assignment possible) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:737 o requirement A B fulfilled for TCHH (not congested after assignment) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:407 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) tch_mode='SPEECH_AMR' type='TCH_F' DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:313 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) FR3 supported DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:313 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) HR3 supported DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:563 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/F would not be congested after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:573 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/H would not be congested after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:595 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/F would not be less congested in target than source cell after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:605 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) TCH/H would not be less congested in target than source cell after HO DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:609 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) requirements=0x33 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:701 - neighbor BTS 1, RX level -110 -> -80 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:707 o free TCH/F slots 4, minimum required 0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:709 o free TCH/H slots 4, minimum required 0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:712 o requirement A B fulfilled for TCHF (not congested after handover) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:737 o requirement A B fulfilled for TCHH (not congested after handover) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:914 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) adding 2 candidates from 1 neighbors, total 2 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1020 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) Best candidate, RX level -80 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:625 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) Triggering Handover DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:688 (lchan 0.010 TCH/F)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) Triggering handover to TCH/F, due to low rxlevel DHO handover_logic.c:133 (BTS 0 trx 0 ts 1 lchan 0 TCH/F)->(BTS 1 lchan TCH_F) Initiating Handover... DMSC handover_logic.c:135 SUBSCR_CONN[0x612000000520]{ACTIVE}: Received Event HO_START DHODEC handover_logic.c:172 (BTS 0 trx 0 arfcn 870 ts 1 lchan 0 TCH/F)->(BTS 1 trx 0 arfcn 871 ts 1 lchan 0 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Triggering Handover ===== After ===== DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1039 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR) (subscr IMSI:000001) MEASUREMENT REPORT (1 neighbors) DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1044 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR) (subscr IMSI:000001) 0: arfcn=871 bsic=63 neigh_idx=0 rxlev=30 flags=0 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1097 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR) (subscr IMSI:000001) Avg RX level = -110 dBm, +5 dBm AFS bias = -105 dBm; Avg RX quality = -1 (invalid), +0 AFS bias = -1 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:1122 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR) (subscr IMSI:000001) RX level is TOO LOW: -105 < -100 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:677 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR)->(BTS 0) (subscr IMSI:000001) RX level -110; TCH/F={free 3 (want 0), [-] not a candidate}; TCH/H={free 4 (want 0), [ABC] good} DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:671 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) RX level -110 -> -80; TCH/F={free 4 (want 0), [ABC] good}; TCH/H={free 4 (want 0), [ABC] good} DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:928 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) Best candidate, RX level -80 DHODEC handover_decision_2.c:641 (lchan 0.010 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR)->(BTS 1) (subscr IMSI:000001) Triggering handover to TCH/F, due to low rxlevel DMSC handover_logic.c:125 SUBSCR_CONN[0x612000000520]{ACTIVE}: Received Event HO_START DHODEC handover_logic.c:169 (BTS 0 trx 0 arfcn 870 ts 1 lchan 0 TCH_F SPEECH_AMR)->(BTS 1 trx 0 arfcn 871 ts 1 lchan 0 TCH/F) (subscr IMSI:000001) Triggering Handover Change-Id: If1add9b57a051d32b67a4a08ab47a9655aa9dd17
2018-07-22chan_alloc: reset rtp voice related bits in lchan_free()Philipp Maier1-0/+3
The function lchan_free() is supposed to reset the lchan so that it can be used by another connection. This function does not yet reset the struct memebers in lchan->abis_ip. This may lead to confusion if some other end re-uses that lchan and finds old RTP voice port/ip settings there. Those data must be reset to ensure it does accidently migrate into an unrelated conext. - do a memset to 0 on lchan->abis_ip in lchan_free() Change-Id: I0c99494292cd1d058a19a21413d0ddb51471c6be Related: OS#3396
2018-07-22ctrl: Avoid sending back received ERROR msgsPau Espin Pedrol1-2/+3
Change-Id: If0cd4d435acd13dd132248c521e6bb0182de0deb
2018-07-22codec_pref: check bts codec supportPhilipp Maier5-21/+490
The vty option bts->codec-support allows the user to set the supported codecs per BTS level. However, those values are currently only used to make the handover decision but the logic that handles the BSSMAP ASSIGNMENT REQUEST does not check those flags. - Do not ignore bts->codec-support flags on BSSMAP ASSIGNMENT REQUEST Change-Id: I285234e9c81de74d9fb9907fca2c443b08537435 Closes: OS#3361
2018-07-22codec_pref: move match_codec_pref() to separate c-file and add unit-testPhilipp Maier11-160/+1431
At the moment there are three sources that may advertise a list of supported audio codec/rate settings. There is the MS that advertises advertises a speech codec list and the MSC that sends a channel type information element over A and there are also settings in the bsc configuration file that may restrict the codec/rate types that are allowed to use. The function match_codec_pref() looks at all of the three buckets and selects a codec that satisfies all three. This is already a somewhat complicated process, overit is very isolated, so lets give it its own c-file. Due to the lack of unit-tests it is very hard to make changes here so lets add also unit-test to make sure that regressions are catched early. - Put match_codec_pref() and all its helper functions into a separate c-file. - Add a unit test. Change-Id: Iabedfdcec8b99a319f2d57cbea45c5e36c7b6e29 Related: OS#3361
2018-07-21ho cfg: fix unit stringsNeels Hofmeyr2-21/+21
Change-Id: Ie98a68de207aea69befd24af3f302b6ef9e6f8e4
2018-07-21fix handover start: dealloc ho if event not permittedNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+9
Before this, a handover request in a conn state that disallows it would leave a lingering handover state in the conn, also thwarting any future handover attempts. (It would be deallocated on conn teardown, so no memleak.) Change-Id: I839a05495ae93c5dbbd1616efa2469e5b1990a61
2018-07-20fix handling of invalid pchan names in vtyStefan Sperling1-2/+4
If an invalid phys_chan_config is specified in osmo-bsc.cfg, raise a parsing error at program startup. If an invalid phys_chan_config is specified in in the VTY while the program is running, show a warning to inform the user that the configuration change was not applied. Change-Id: I97baa359464a0e94de2497bc9214b99ed2a24041 Related: OS#1876
2018-07-11call osmo_xua_msg_tall_ctx_init()Neels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
xua_msg allocations should not go unnoticed by our root ctx. libosmo-sigtran recently added this API to fix that. Depends: I618878680a096a7f7fc2d83098590f2e4cb08870 (libosmo-sccp) Change-Id: I8d5edda17be82e0cb4a1af3e2a62cbcb3a2ddda3
2018-07-11cosmetic: name osmo-bsc's root ctx 'osmo-bsc', not 'openbsc'Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie038bbed436069e7849ba78c3c77c80a68bc3dad
2018-06-28filter: Allocate each ctr group with a different idxPau Espin Pedrol1-2/+18
Fixes following runtime warning: libosmocore/src/rate_ctr.c:219 counter group 'nat:filter' already exists for index 0, instead using index 1. This is a software bug that needs fixing. Forward-port from openbsc.git c08d58802e03a45f95b8f7d28b29dc7026f664ba. Change-Id: I7c5054c374281bb1d4bd1ecd76ddcca7a010d50a
2018-06-28filter: Replace '.' in counter names with ':'Pau Espin Pedrol1-3/+3
The '.' is illegal character in counter names, as they are exported via CTRL interface, where '.' has a special meaning that cannot be used by strings comprising the variable name. Forward-port from openbsc.git 360284d4d797519faed33559b0ae746b6c17e68a. Change-Id: I57b78162701a6a101b5cbaf68aaea89d17a0f819
2018-06-28filter: vty: Print policy list in cmd show access-listPau Espin Pedrol1-16/+17
Change-Id: I3761819fb29f6fe49995ce4c1ae0e9bf92f993cd
2018-06-28Rename bsc_msg_acc_lst_vty_init to have more uniform prefixPau Espin Pedrol3-3/+3
Change-Id: I6f125d040a8f511590ef67ba8babbd2e01c6bf21
2018-06-28Init access_lists before passing it as a parameterPau Espin Pedrol1-3/+1
Previous state is harmless because the pointer is stored but not used in that function. However, it's more clear this way. Change-Id: I048ebc120306ea30ea973d6ee16ed84c9f341183
2018-06-28bsc_vty: Write access list entries when storing bsc configPau Espin Pedrol3-2/+12
Change-Id: Ice8ce203a52b918e1eddb56ea437d082efd634bc
2018-06-28bsc-filter: Remove unused func barr_adapt and set barr_find staticPau Espin Pedrol2-68/+1
bar_find is set as static because it's still being used internally by other functions. Change-Id: I2db8f0ba60cf01929ce2c63edd9859612724de48
2018-06-26lcls: set codec info when performing MGW operationPhilipp Maier3-6/+10
While GSCON is setting the codec info when operating on the MGW, LCLS is not doing that yet. This means that the MDCX messages that are sent by LCLS do not contain any payload type and also no ptime or rtpmap fields. This also causes the following TTCN3 tests to fail: TC_lcls_connect_break TC_lcls_connect_clear TC_lcls_gcr_bway_connect TC_lcls_gcr_bway_dont_connect_csc - Make mgcp_pick_codec() public as bsc_subscr_pick_codec() - use bsc_subscr_pick_codec() to set codec info in osmo_bsc_lcls.c Change-Id: I383d55fa602cda0926dd701ee517a299db578260 Closes: OS#3358
2018-06-25gscon: pick suitable payload type / encoding name for MGCPPhilipp Maier1-0/+34
The GSCON FSM does not care about the codec information when performing interactions with the MGW. Before upgrading the client the codec information was hardcoded to AMR inside the client. Now the client offers APIs to set the codec information. Since this feature is new, osmo-bsc does not set any codec information yet, which causes many of the TTCN3 tests to fail. So lets add some logic to pick suitable codec info. - Hardcode ptime to 20 (is the same for all possible codecs) - Select a codec according to the flags in userplane Change-Id: Ibddc3492572b39f166e3a1b8b8120813ce2dadc2 Related: OS#2728
2018-06-25debian: Move meas related binaries into new package osmo-bsc-meas-utilsPau Espin Pedrol2-0/+7
Only meas_json is added so far, since the other related ones are conditionally built. Change-Id: I35ba3c19fcdfb5663691a67c9876537765963c5d
2018-06-18cosmetic / linking: move str_to_imsi() out of abis_rsl.cNeels Hofmeyr6-11/+14
Move to gsm_04_08_utils.c so that it's possible to use it without linking/stubbing all of RSL. Change-Id: I6e90831d7e618ce3c8e7417082a82c97f6681668
2018-06-15fix dyn TS init: properly identify BTS on OML OPSTART ACKNeels Hofmeyr4-27/+37
Commit "dyn ts, bts_ipaccess_nanobts.c: init PDCH on Chan OPSTART ACK" bf7099262adf0f27e71a08387747c5cb0d459360 Icf6e25ff068e8a2600562d52726ead65e864ec02 introduced signal S_NM_OPSTART_ACK and passed the FOM header to identify the BTS by. But the FOM header's BTS number is zero on each Abis/IP link, and the BTS and TRX are actually identified by msgb->dst == e1inp_sign_link, member trx. So the initial implementation associated *all* Channel OPSTART ACKs with BTS 0. Pass the entire msgb as S_NM_OPSTART_ACK signal argument, implement a abis_nm_get_ts() to retrieve the proper timeslot and use that during timeslot init. Related: OS#3351 OS#3205 Change-Id: I45ce5c24cb62d00f350df1af1be6c11104d74193
2018-06-15osmo-bsc: Add -V param to print versionPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+8
Change-Id: I74e0e40ee6b2ce66d76f151528d9a958683944c7
2018-06-15osmo-bsc: Clean help description of cmd line parametersPau Espin Pedrol1-10/+10
Change-Id: I2ce242e97445785c3f1d965d89e3f1b6ca6a37ab
2018-06-15pcu_sock: Log event pcu_sock createdPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+2
Change-Id: If5691d8e8bae7166e06382db589850ce94c20a30
2018-06-14absi_rsl: Fix segfault in rsl_rx_conn_fail()Harald Welte1-1/+2
When we receive a RSL CONN FAIL IND, it may be that this happens before any RLL is established (and hence a lchan->conn exists), or after the RLLs have been shut down (and hence a lchan->conn doesn't exist anymore). So in this function, it is not legal to unconditionally dereference lchan->conn. Change-Id: I6380f5d2cd9364560ce3947517c84247cf4af0d4 Closes: OS#3182
2018-06-11bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: BSC must not release SCCP connectionHarald Welte1-1/+3
3GPP TS 48.006 section 9.2 states clearly that any SCCP connection release must be initiated by the MSC. for bsc_subscr_conn_fsm, this means that even after sending the BSSMAP CLEAR COMPLETE, we must not terminate the FSM, as this would cause a N-DISCONNET.req to be sent to the stack for the associated SCCP connection. The bsc_subscr_conn_fsm instances will hence stay alive until the MSC eventually decises to release them. Change-Id: Iaaca220b598609b77b600fcfc2f9a78b221c1fbb Closes: OS#3331
2018-06-11Add missing event string name for GSCON_EV_LCLS_FAILHarald Welte1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ia8c8303a87412ce6456c38ae29e3c55de9522ac0
2018-06-10remove traces of osmo-bsc_nat in python test (osmoappdesc/test_runner)Harald Welte2-82/+2
Change-Id: I9127ddb7b29eb82defd3a8afac9c1dbfd424fb72
2018-06-09Remove unused logging subsystems DCC and DMGCPHarald Welte2-14/+4
We use the newly-introduced logging_vty_add_deprecated_subsys() from libosmovty to make sure old config files will still parse even after this change. Change-Id: Ib4f67bb00e1d5460e643717b53f6a4d81278dc5d
2018-06-08Explicitly register CTRL-over-IPA callback with libosmo-sigtranHarald Welte1-1/+5
In Change-Id OSI6b7354f3b23a26bb4eab12213ca3d3b614c8154f we introduced a function called osmo_ss7_asp_rx_unknown() which was supposed ot override a weak symbol in libosmo-sigtran. However, the related change in libosmo-sigtran (I8616f914192000df0ec6547ff4ada80e0f9042a2) was modified later on to use explicit registration of a call-back function instead of weak symbol override. Let's adopt the osmo-bsc code to make use of this explict call-back registration. Change-Id: Id5880ec90dfa00b29cbb0ffea8c8dd50e24742bd Related: OS#2012
2018-06-08Ignore "dest" command in MSC nodeHarald Welte1-0/+12
In Change-Id I6b7354f3b23a26bb4eab12213ca3d3b614c8154f we removed the "dest" vty command, but we should simply ignore it and print a related warning during start. Change-Id: I531825061031918bbb1380e1b485b711e81bcd75
2018-06-08make T10 configurable like the rest of themNeels Hofmeyr4-6/+9
Change-Id: I112c0db17d355d57eb08bc67121ccf49fbf53943
2018-06-08drop dead code: conn->T10, handled by gscon insteadNeels Hofmeyr2-10/+0
Change-Id: Ief20cb0f46dd93f46dd765dca307724dc2b3487c
2018-06-08HO: introduce T7, T8, T101 timersNeels Hofmeyr3-1/+20
Will be used in upcoming inter-BSC handover. Change-Id: If9ecccc793426d214019f299b19d6ffa5a186546
2018-06-08cosmetic: gscon: drop odd use of OSMO_STRINGIFYNeels Hofmeyr1-14/+14
Do not invoke OSMO_STRINGIFY() with arbitrary names, just quote instead. The idea was that OSMO_STRINGIFY() avoids typos by ensuring well-defined names are stringified, but this highlights that OSMO_STRINGIFY() is in fact usable with completely arbitrary arguments and actually lacks the validation part :/ Change-Id: I458cd2cd0d6ddb0e6db3bb8d546a20336ae8c5f1
2018-06-08doc: charts: illustrate new plan for ts and lchansNeels Hofmeyr12-465/+1097
Add lchan and timeslot FSM charts to illustrate planning of how osmo-bsc should handle lchan assignment and release. Modify assignment, handover, lchan-release charts according to the new plan. Change-Id: I18d60de5ee932c962aad0a532965a55d570bb936
2018-06-08doc: add ms-channel-request.mscNeels Hofmeyr2-0/+64
Change-Id: Iab22b8ae85a1a54d2f4002733e6068356368101b
2018-06-08doc: add lchan-release.mscNeels Hofmeyr2-0/+150
Change-Id: Ibcf2326cbc5a5f3f249ae15564825c83b5a063c8
2018-06-08doc: tweak msc charts on Assignment/Handover: act_timerNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+17
Change-Id: I6205e43c227652432548c5c99bed5a197c095da2
2018-06-08cosmetic: handover_test: add IMSI to subscr for loggingNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+11
Change-Id: I52fa8f3183c93ed362d8252d20daf00c60a117c8
2018-06-08store subscriber identity on pagingNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
Another small step towards being aware of the subscriber identity. Any connection initiated by paging will subsequently log the subscriber's identity -- of course not necessarily the IMSI, if paging was done by TMSI. This is only for Paging, not the Paging Response; for that see, L3 Complete. Related: OS#2969 Change-Id: I0ab7bedfe693bb4e42a04fb0585b94a730ff2d9b
2018-06-08try to pick up subsrc IMSI on l3-complNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+16
This is a tiny step towards being aware of a connection's subscriber identity. Iff the Layer 3 Complete message contains an IMSI, associate a bsc_subscr with the conn, so that subsequent logging and possibly meas_feed contains the IMSI. For any L3 Complete using TMSI, this has no effect whatsoever. Related: OS#2969 Change-Id: I3b696a0c0932e3abcb682ba231db65755d8c27a6
2018-06-08gscon: put subscriber a little laterNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+6
Keep the bsc_subscr associated with the conn as long as possible, to benefit logging, which then contains the subscriber identity (if any). Change-Id: Ifa528b58842a02509bfe0af6915c64bd67058bcd
2018-06-08cosmetic: bsc_subscr_alloc: log initial getNeels Hofmeyr2-3/+5
Instead of silently setting the use count to 1, instead increment with an explicit bsc_subsct_get(), which then logs the event along with the place that created the subscriber. Change-Id: Ia72f8010b7b2e1ca44e3b005c0f2c05f3eeae8d5
2018-06-08cosmetic: penalty timers: constify, tweak docNeels Hofmeyr2-10/+15
Change-Id: I28addc9a16a4c81978290303d368f630a8334228
2018-06-08use libosmocore's gsm0808_permitted_speech(), gsm0808_chosen_channel()Neels Hofmeyr1-84/+7
The guts of bssap_speech_from_lchan() and lchan_to_chosen_channel() have been moved to libosmocore; call those instead. The return value of bssap_speech_from_lchan() used to be -1 on error, now the error value is 0. The only caller did not handle -1 properly, but fed it directly to a uint8_t. On gsm0808_chosen_channel() error, log the error. Proper handling is missing. Fixing the error handling in send_ass_compl() is a separate issue: currently it is limited to logging, there is no way to return an error yet, nor any actions to take on error. Depends: Icca23940791f97fa64dbc3f2734270b99f9550c1 (libosmocore) Change-Id: Ib5c940a9dae11c5e26d4b47fa9d95fef889ad2f6
2018-06-08log: assignment: add two logs on unexpected lchan releaseNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ib61125ebc41e55dc4a6595db8c8559c62b3ed2c0