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authorNeels Hofmeyr <neels@hofmeyr.de>2021-08-23 20:42:27 +0200
committerneels <nhofmeyr@sysmocom.de>2021-08-30 16:18:12 +0000
commitf8bed50e05b22487f7f9b3f0425e0c001e76866e (patch)
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parentd4e2a2d5e1d8d98e28e52a630013cc30b1490175 (diff)
vty: add "msc N bssmap reset" command
Allow resetting the BSSMAP link from VTY, for BSC_Tests.ttcn. In the field, detecting that an MSC is lost is done by getting three connection failures in a row. For the BSC_Tests, it is easier to just provide a VTY command to reset an MSC's link status. I want to add tests that verify the stat items reflecting the MSC connection status. To be able to run a test expecting fewer connected MSC after a test that launched more MSCs requires the links to be reset. Related: SYS#5542 Related: Ice3056dc46c94f9399f8379db7aeb7193782f2f2 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks) Change-Id: I1975941b790d2b30d0904d41e456220cba26ecff
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diff --git a/tests/handover/handover_test.c b/tests/handover/handover_test.c
index 315fc1043..f76a70071 100644
--- a/tests/handover/handover_test.c
+++ b/tests/handover/handover_test.c
@@ -1703,9 +1703,6 @@ void bsc_tx_bssmap_ho_failure(struct gsm_subscriber_connection *conn) {}
void osmo_bsc_sigtran_tx_reset(void) {}
void osmo_bsc_sigtran_tx_reset_ack(void) {}
void osmo_bsc_sigtran_reset(void) {}
-void bssmap_reset_alloc(void) {}
-void bssmap_reset_is_conn_ready(void) {}
-void bssmap_reset_term_and_free(void) {}
const char *osmo_mgcpc_ep_name(const struct osmo_mgcpc_ep *ep)
return "fake-ep";