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nm_bts_sm_fsm: Fix peer_has_no_avstate_offline not applied for nanobts
The condition was set in st_op_disabled_notinstalled_on_enter(): """ site_mgr->peer_has_no_avstate_offline = (bts->type == GSM_BTS_TYPE_NANOBTS); """ However, at startup of the FSM the oneneter func of the default initial state is not called. In any case, if called it would be too early since the type is not known yet (because its parsed later on at the VTY with the "type" command, that's after the "bts X" node is called and the bts_sm is allocated. So we need to make sure to always enable it, also for nanobts. Change-Id: Ic6049a44ae3fca1b8e968fe800c268f579e7cad4
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