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make bsc_clear_request() static
bsc_clear_request() is in fact used only within gsm_08_08.c, make it static to that file. Since the gscon FSM, "real" BSSMAP Clear are sent only by gscon_bssmap_clear(). bsc_clear_request() remains in use for legacy code paths in gsm_08_08.c: - the bsc_filter, i.e. for IMSI filtering; - in move_to_msc(), from handle_cc_setup(), a code path that is in fact not entirely clear to me. It seems to be an old functionality to serve multiple MSCs? Both of which I personally haven't seen in use, are not tested and should probably be completely removed. For now contain legacy code in the static context. Adjust comment. Change-Id: Ic89d0afad42e4b11183a13d2dc6b7bbf0b822fd9
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