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BTS codec pref legacy compat: allow all codecs per defaultneels/codec-pref
Legacy compat: we used to not check the BTS codec-pref settings upon assignment until we added checks for the BTS codec-pref in osmo-bsc 5bc43cd107597b78f701f77c7fd4cce8f923dce5, change-id I285234e9c81de74d9fb9907fca2c443b08537435, "codec_pref: check bts codec support". From that commit onwards, config setups without a 'codec-pref' potentially stop working (like all osmo-gsm-tester runs just did), because with no codec-pref settings, now only FR is permitted, while before the patch, we would allow any codecs as long as MSC and the overall BSC config agree on them. So, upon BTS initialization, enable all codecs. These get reset to a more fine grained selection IF a 'codec-pref' appears in the config file (see bsc_vty.c). Change-Id: I4650a1f8e350c6f74f48391f43ddfe771be01e1b
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