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abis_nm: Add support to parse some nanoBTS Attribute Response attributes
nanoBTS actually supports regular formatting. There are a few differences with spec though: * The attributes are listed directly in the message instead of being inside the Get Attributes Response Info after the unsupported attribute ID list. * The Get Attributes Response Info can be at any position in the attribute list, and it only contains the unsupported attribute ID list. As a result, parsing is currently split into 3 main parts or functions: * Parsing regular (per spec) Get Attributes Response Info attr and get a pointer to the list of attributes. * A function that parses the list of attributes, called directly in case of nanoBTS, and called by the former parser of Get Attributes Response Info for regular (per spec) OML endpoints. * A function to parse the unsupported attribute ID list, also used in the first function to get a pointer to the list of attributes. Related: OS#3624 Change-Id: I52e9f177c14fec1ec3f5c4ddb244594409008357
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