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drop IMSI filter and libfilter completely
Filtering by IMSI in osmo-bsc is a legacy use case with questionable usefulness. Remove. Do not keep deprecated VTY commands: those could be dangerous, since (presumably non-existing) users might assume that the filtering would still be in place. Rather fail to start osmo-bsc for config with an IMSI ACL. The IMSI filtering did, if present, provide the logging with an IMSI to print for the bsc_subscriber. TMSIs should have ended up in logging likewise, which has never been implemented. The proper way to learn the IMSI would be by the Common Id message from the MSC. Furthermore, the upcoming MSC pooling feature will extract the mobile identity again, and will hence make sure that both IMSI and TMSI identities, as available, end up in the bsc_subscriber and will be logged again. So long, IMSI ACL, and thanks for all the fish. Change-Id: I89727af5387e8360362e995fdee959883c37d89a
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osmo-bsc \
utils \